And Not With Booze Or Drugs

I know how to let loose and just enjoy myself without taking myself too serious.  As example with some friends at a greek restaurent a belly dancer asked me to come up and dance with her.  It was a blast and alot of fun.  Everyone was laughing and had a good time.

IamGone IamGone
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6 Responses Feb 27, 2010

You're such a fun girl.

I would've danced with her too.

That's gotta go crazy or you'll go crazy. lol

Ahaha...that must have been a great time!...hey, got to let loose sometimes...otherwise we'll go crazy!! ; )

Maybe you need a new group Azure. And I agree, life is too short to just drink it away. We need to know how to have fun without it sometimes.

That's the best way to be Henry....<br />
<br />
Life's too short for anything else...:)