Finding A Balance

In 2005 I began my third marriage, but this time it was very different. I finally had a man who is my best friend. I can confide in him and tell my inner most secrets. He won't run off and tell everyone my faults or fears.
He helps me figure out why I'm feeling XYZ and how to work thru those feelings. I want to see him as happy as he wants to see me.
It all seems so crazy that I'm afraid I'm dreaming and will wake up to find out it was just a dream.
I never knew this type of happiness and love existed.
We enjoy a very fulfilling sex life that includes sexual toys. Every marriage should have to include sexual exploration. Neither partner should fear introducing vibrators or lubricants into the bedroom.
My deepest desire is to see him so satisfied that when he leaves my side he doesn't even feel tempted by another woman's attentions. This has been proven many times.
He frequently says "If the grass is greener on the other side maybe it's time to water your side"
There is nothing he'd ever do to hurt me by indulging in five minutes of pleasure with another woman because what I do for him is forever not five minutes.
So it is possible to be happy and fulfilled, but you need to both communicate and be willing to set aside differences while you work thru the emotions and mental issues that cause so many miscommunications in marriages today.
Is your desire to be always right more important than your spouse or partners happiness? Compromises are not losses they are victories over our own selfish needs.
Ask your partner: What could another person if the opposite sex offer you that I don't? Then LISTEN and see if you can't make that desire become part of your every day life together.
Live your dreams together!!!
7+ years and we are still hot for each other. Hot monogamy is possible if you open yourself to the possibilities.
EnchantingLexi EnchantingLexi
51-55, F
Dec 3, 2012