Of Course, I Do!

Not to brag or anything like that... I'm just stating facts here. =p

I love my friends deeply and honestly. I am loyal to the core and I care about what they want or need. So, of course I can do this for the one who will be my soulmate, if not more! I do know how to love someone who will want and appreciate me. I'm kind of a puppy-dog, in this way, meaning I will follow the person around a lot and am loyal to their needs. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not, but it's me. :-D

One day, I will find that lucky guy... and he will get more love than he can stand! Heehee! ;-)

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2 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Shadow28,Hi it's me again,In that case I do wish for you to find that lucky guy~We as the sex we are,the love we have to give goes more deep then any one could know,but ourself.I wish more guys would see that in woman like us.I have been crushed not just by love but I have been crushed by my youngest son.My God I gave him every thing and I loved him more then life.One day he did not think I should be dateing,he felt it was to soon after his fathers death.Why was I going to wait on for 3years!Not being a teenie bobber any more I wanted love again and it has been 2 years since I have seen him.We can't please everybody,I am strong and my son thinks at 23 he knows everything.This was one thing I stood up and said,you do not live my life!so as you can see he is pouting.<br />
That's what I ment about you learning to say no or yes.I miss him ,The choice I made has made me so happy I would do it again.<br />
I won't take up any more of your time,please be careful.Your happiness means a future of great things! Reward yourself everyday and you will know you are so beautiful inside outside and upside down!<br />
Bye for now,trails

I used to be a follow around puppy dog.I have changed through the years only because I learned thinking for myself and learning how to say no and learning to say yes.made me be the positive person I allways wanted to be, when you can think for yourself you become so much more a happy person,life becomes much more rewarding you will learn to love your self.You become a interesting person.Most guys love it!