It's called banging it up.

Oh and no birth control or condoms should be involved.

And voila, approximately a year later you will have yourself your very own little ******** rat.


UGH. What am I talking about? Babies are ADORABLE.
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LMAO.<br />
<br />
<br />
Come on, he's cute :D<br />
<br />
Not really >.><br />
<br />
Hey at least he's not fat :D

ROFL.<br />
<br />
You wanna marry my bro? :D Then you can be my sis in law!!!!!!!!!!! He'll be 13 soon xD

ha.<br />
<br />
and 12 xD


lol @ alwayslovely, making the beast with two backs?

ROFL!!<br />
<br />
My bro says choking the chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

ROFL.<br />
<br />
LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />
Yes continue, please >:D


XD! I am lmao at this story. HaHAHA. :F

LOL<br />
<br />
But it's a funny group :P

XD Ya know, the dude who made this group as as high as a kite. I mean really WTF?

LOL I should have :P

Lol well then you coulda of been manipulative pretend like it wasn't then got your gifts, then call em on the b.s. >=)

ha well i am stubborn and tried to prove a point by saying i thoughh it was bs

lol oo wow if I was you I woulda lied all the time =P

awww john. parents can be so mean, ignore them<br />
<br />
mwt, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! i agree! you know what was awesome? if i told my mom i believed in santa claus certain years she'd get me an extra present but if i told her it was a load of bs she'd get me less gifts. what a meanie! hahas.

Lmfao @ pendejos, you have to think about all the lies parents spread like Santa and the tooth fairy, those liars they should be hit with pillows full of poo >=)

oh they liked it at first but when i got older i think they tried to about when i was a teen

LOL John, you idiot! xD Pshhh how is that possible? You're an only child, I think your parents wanted a kid,duh! My little bro was an accident though :P Just sayin. He knows he was too xD Ahaha we're so mean to him<br />
<br />
MWT, ROFL. Pshhhhh I like when you act innocent, it makes you seem hawter >:P LMAO! I know, what pendejos. I always knew my mom carried babies because she'd get abnormally fat. Lol.

Lol *gasp* why i'd never, i'm completely innocent!!!! lol yeah yeah lies I know, I use to always wonder though how can a kid believe that, I mean it's a bird carrying a baby o_0

actually until like 4th grade i thought you got girls pregnant by kissing them xD and protection meant you had to wear plastic over your lips. and yes i suspect i was an accdient

ROFL MWT!! Don't lie now ;P Everyone knows boys are pervos :O and know about sex before girls xD <br />
<br />
ROFL John!! You an accident? But you're an only child!! ahaha

yeah me too.... what do ya know. i guess it was just some guy in a stork outfit who started the rumor xD. and please my cousin had my second cousin by accident... she is a nutjob moron though. and i suspect i was an accident

I was still under the impression that the stork delivered babies o_0 lol =P

yes siree. You can't expect to get banged up on one night and then get a kid.<br />
<br />
Well at least that wasn't the case for my momma. It took her YEARS to get preggers with me. And she was TRYING.

a year later? what are they having sex for 3 months?