Funny Story...

No.. My brother is a cop and for his graduation from the academy my dad bought him a pair of pink handcuffs because he heard from the other officers that it was embaressing to be held wearing pink.

The cops will say things like, "yea he had a special request for the pink ones" or something like that.

I put them on my hubby on day joking and didnt realize they were real (I mean they are pink! I thought they were a toy).

My brother was out of town and instead of calling him for the key and telling him the truth which he probably wouldnt believe, i looked it up online.

Took me 20 mins to master it.

Put them on myself....pssh 1 min and Im free.

lol new personal skills develop everyday.

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1 Response Mar 23, 2009

Will you open a class? :)