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Promiscuity In Women

Some women have casual sexual relations frequently with different partners, and are defined as promiscuous. Some women never have sex and are defined as frigid.

Some men have never met a promiscuous woman and hunger to know one. Some men seek a promiscuous woman for their enjoyment. Particularly a married man in a sexless marriages or whose wife does not meet his basic need for frequent, passionate sex.

Men ask me, how do I recognize a promiscuous woman?

Let us differentiate between women who use sex to get what they want from men, and women that simply love sex. Some women use sex for various reasons. Sex can be used to obtain money, power, influence, promotion, and a dozen other uses that some women can think of. Any man can certainly hire a *****. There is no shortage of them. They advertise. They hold themselves out to the public and they are readily available in almost any community in the world. No man needs help finding a *****. They are for hire. Almost any and every employer has some of them on his payroll. They offer themselves in exchange for promotion, favors, job security, raises, special treatment, etc.. etc. In most employment situations, the women who work there can immediately point out the ****** among themselves.

And while we are speaking about ******, let me answer in advance, Not all women are ******.

But I am not talking about hiring a ***** or paying for sex. Rather, I am talking about how to recognize those women who are not exchanging sex for gain but rather are pleasure seekers who simply love sex.

Most promiscuous women experience ****** easily and frequently. Their love of sex is based in large part upon their love of the utterly blissful joy of orgasmic ecstacy. It is this searing, intense pleasure and mind-blowingly powerful feeling that they need and want. It is the joy of ****** that renders them a candidate for frequent sexual relations with different partners. This is not to say that every woman who experiences mutliple ******* is promiscuous, because that is certainly not true. Rather it is to say that unless a woman is prone to easy and frequent ******, it is unlikely that she will be promiscuous.

Orgasmic women are made happy by sex. In fact, one study found that sex made such women happier than any other activity. Everyone wants to be happy, so of course, women will migrate to that activity that gives them the largest amount of happiness. However, orgasmic happiness is temporary and fleeting. It does not last and must be replenished frequently.

There are a cocktail of chemicals that are released during ****** in the body. ****** is akin to a drug. There is an orgasmic high that creates a feeling of pure bliss and contentment in the body. Like any drug, frequent use leads to dependency and addiction. Promiscuous women are often addicted to sex. They have a need for sex that is akin to a drug addict. Their behaviour is not unlike that of a drug addict. The longer they go without sex, the more they need it. Their hunger grows with each passing moment, building in intensity. Like an addict needs drugs, such women need sex frequently.

In order to ******, a woman must release all fear and anxiety. Sex must take a woman to a place where all other thoughts vanish and she is exclusively focused on only one thing, her ******. This clearing away of all of her fears and anxiety transistions during ****** to a state of pure bliss and contentment. All of humanity seeks peace of mind, and ****** delivers peace of mind, leaving a woman feeling soothed, peaceful and secure. Thus, it is this desire to shed her fears and anxieties and to find peace of mind that leads a woman to frequent sex. For such women, frequent sex is like mental therapy.

Thus, a promiscuous woman is likely to be multi-orgasmic. associate sex with happiness, be addicted to sex and view sex as theraputic. Certainly most men can cover in casual conversation enough information to identify whether a woman is likely to be promiscuous or not. It is her attitude toward sex that is telling. She loves sex. She needs sex. Sex makes her happy. She is highly orgasmic. Sex relaxes her, soothes her fears and anxieties, gives he peace of mind. Bingo!

A man must realize that a woman who wants and needs frequent sex is experienced in such matters, She knows what to do and how to do it, She has much practice. You are in the hands of a master.

Beyond her attittude there are other signs as well. A woman who desires frequent sex, is likely to dress seductively. She needs and wants frequent sex, so she is dressed to attract, seduce and entice. Her sex appeal is on display. openly flaunting her sexuality, attrracting attention to herself. Her frequent sexual encounters have ******** away any false modesty or shyness, she might have once possessed, and have transformed her into the sexual huntress. She is on the prowl, constantly in search of her next sex partner, and it shows. This is not to say that all women who dress sexy are promiscuous, far from it. Women love to tease. But it is to say that a promiscuous woman is not likely to appear modest or shy. The woman you seek is seeking you. She draws attention unto herself.

Beyond her dress and attitude, there is her flirtatiousness. Women who desire frequent sex are flirts. They have a flirtatious manner about themselves. They send out a vibe. Again, this is not to say that all women who are flirts are promiscuous. Women love to tease, Just because a woman flirts with you is not a sure sign that she wants to have sex with you. However, unless a woman is flirting with you, it is not likely that she is promiscuous. So the woman you seek will flirt with you shamelessly. She is vivacious and flirtatious toward men in general, and she is good at it. Her frequent seductions have developed her skill and she knows what she is doing. When you enocunter such a woman, you are in for a very enjoyable experience.

Beyond attitude, dress and flirtatiousness, there is her availability, A woman who wants and needs frequent sex will make herself available, It will not be hard to find the opportunity to have sex with her. She will create such opportunities, In fact, if a man does not want to have sex with her, he will need to overtly avoid her because she will intentionally put him situations where he will be forced to make a decision. She will make it clear by her attitude, dress and flirting that she wants and needs to have sex with him, and she will manage to arrange the opportunity for him to have sex with her. He will find himself at a place where he will have to say no. There will be little doubt about her intentions.

So I hope this has helped you understand and identify a promiscuous woman. I look forward to other posts from other contributors. Men who have become adept at spotting promiscuous women. Also women who are promiscuous and who can desribe how to recognize them when you meet them.
outofbiz outofbiz 36-40, F 39 Responses Dec 9, 2010

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very thoughtful post.... I think I'll go try to put that info to work

I was once engaged to a very promiscuous woman. We were together a few years. Every month when she ovulated, she would be on a mission to get laid. She didn't say that but the signs were obvious. She would get dressed up, put make up on (which she rarely wore), start acting kind of manic and tell me she was going for a ladies night out. Yeah right. One time she came home from her ladies night out with her blouse on inside out. I pointed it out and she got very red faced. Caught.

Turns out she would go to the bar. She had a low tolerance to alcohol and she knew this. After 3 or 4 drinks, she would **** any guy that wanted her. So she would pick up some guy and go home with him or **** him in his car. Sometimes she would do a group of guys. It was a good deal for them, for the price of a few drinks, everybody got laid. Cheaper than a hooker and my GF was an extremely beautiful woman with red hair down to her ***, very horny at this time of the month, and she really knew how to satisfy a man both orally and with her *****. Being that we lived in a small town, there were no secrets, so most of the guys (single or married) knew she was promiscuous and took advantage of it. So when we went to a party or to the bar, I would know that most of the guys in the room had ****** her.

How did I feel about it? At first I was hurt and jealous. I had been married once before and both my ex and I had cheated several times, but never openly or blatantly. It was weird though. After a while, it didn't bother me so much and I actually started to fantasize about my GF ******* other guys, getting gang-banged, and it made me hard just thinking about it. Thus began my journey to becoming poly and understanding and embracing compersion. Now I have no sexual jealously and no requirement for sexual exclusivity in my relationships. I do like honesty though, no secrets, and safety, safe sex always unless you really know it is safe to become fluid-bonded with a lover.

So at this point in my life, I would not care if I was with a promiscuous woman. Her having another man or men's ***** in her mouth or ***** does not make her spoiled goods for me. On the contrary, I think it is rather hot and sexy.

It does take a very special sort of man to be in a relationship with a promiscuous woman. He simply must be willing to share her with other men and for that matter with other women as well. He must not be jealous or possessive, but must empower his promiscuous woman to be how she is and who she is without fear of belittlement, condemnation, rejection, scorn or being called a ***** or "spoiled goods" as you say. He must enjoy her frequent sex with lots of other partners, and must find excitement and enjoyment in watching her and taking part in ********** and moresomes. He must feed her need and make her feel that by pleasing herself she is pleasing her man. Otherwise, a man is not a good candidate for taking control and possession of a promiscuous woman as he will make her miserable and she will surely make him miserable as well.

Yes, at first it was difficult getting over the possessiveness. She is MY woman, therefore her body belongs to me. That type of thinking is kind of akin to slavery when you come to think of it. No woman's body belongs to me. My wife's body belongs to her and so does her vagina. It is her choice who she has sex with, not mine. Having read "Sex at Dawn" and a lot of other material on the subject, it is clear that humans are not naturally monogamous. It is also very common for women to seek other sexual partners when they are ovulating, it is simple biology; they instinctively want to find the best genes possible for their offspring, and most women cheat when they are fertile. And men have a biological need to have sex with as many different women as possible, they want to spread their seed far and wide to improve their chances of having offspring who survive them. Of course this doesn't mean that the majority of people can't live monogamously if they chose to do so, or that we are incapable of over-riding our biological instincts. But sex is a heathy, pleasurable activity and having an ****** is an intense, wonderful thing. I am jealous of my wife because she is multi-orgasmic and can have dozens of ******* some lasting for several minutes, where I only get one that lasts for 10 or 15 seconds. So I totally understand how women can become addictive to ******* specially when they are multi-orgasmic. If I was a woman and multi-orgasmic, I know I would be promiscuous--but I would only seek poly relationships, I think honesty and trust are the foundations of all relationships whether monogamous, open or poly. No one can agree on the exact statistics, but it appears that at least 50% of the population has sex outside of their relationships at some point or another whether open or in secret and if you count serial monogamy, where people keep divorcing and re-marrying, the percentage is even higher.
My promiscuous ex-fiancee who I mentioned above I think was driven by many other different reasons to seek multiple sexual partners. One, she was sexually abused by three of her uncles starting at age five; I think it was her way to get attention, a way to feel loved. Two, she was not mentally well, her behavior was in some ways symptomatic of bi-polar disorder and a few years after we split up, she had a major break and ended up in a psychiatric ward and was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Sad. I loved her a lot and it wasn't her promiscuous behavior that split us up. I would have married her and shared her gladly in the loving spirit of compersion. And the one thing I forgot to mention is, she was always honest with me about her sexcapades, she always told me about them after they happened. She wasn't proud of her behavior, in some ways it disturbed her greatly because she was really looking for love--in all the wrong places as the song goes--but she was never secretive or dishonest. To me that took a lot of integrity on her part.

Oh, I wholeheartedly agree with ******* being akin to a drug, and being such a great source of peace of mind... *Sigh* I don't think there's anything out there quite like those wonderful climactic moments...

It is just mental therapy. So soothing and relaxing, draining away all tensions and leaving a woman feeling blissfully content and happy. I don't ever understand why any woman would not want that feeling as often as she can get it.

Very, very true!

thanks for sharing such wonderful wisdom

You are most welcome

I guess I'm pretty blind when it comes to recognizing these signs. I was lucky that the girls I've dated made it overly obvious for me. In my conservative town and especially in my profession, dressing the part, and flirting doesn't happen often...if at all. But, if I do happen to run across a jewel like this...I'll be sure to make a mental note.

If you live in a place where women are not free to flaunt their sexuality, then there is still a certain flirtatious, coquettishness that is overtly enticing even without the brazen sluttishness.

When woman learn how to release and ******, and have multiples they definately want it more they are human if if feels as good for woman as it does for men why wouldnt they.... I guess my wife is learning how to be a lady and promicuous at the same time.... Great post

Being a lady can mean many things. But the most common meaning is one who subscribes to a very rigid set of social standards and who stays within rigidly defined boundries of acceptabile behavior. I am certainly no lady. Nor have I ever desired to be one. I suppose that is my point. A lady who is a **** is no lady at all.

Simonhowe99<br />
<br />
I understand your point exactly, in fact, I live it. But people like us, we have to stay grounded in the fact that we are very much in a minority. We have to remind ourselves that our liberated life style is far from the norm. What we consider to be simply a healthy positive attitude about sex and happiness, is not the same as the average person. The vast majority of people, particularly of women, would still consider me to be a shameless harlot, a hussy, sinful, and without much merit. To live free and liberated as a woman is (and always has been) to be suspect. We are not main street but rather a walk down a wild street. We lack conformity with socially accepted norms and we rebel against the authority of the church to dictate how we should live. We are threatening. So while from my perspective and indeed your perspective, we are simply enjoying a healthy and robust sexual bliss, it is still considered and labeled as promiscuous by the powers that be,

I hate it when women are looked down on or given derogatory names like ****, or loose or whatever just because they enjoy sex and happen to have a lot of different partners. I know my wife has slept with a lot more men than I have women. So what? It's not a contest. I don't know the number, I think she lost count years ago. But whether she's slept with 50 guys or 1000 what difference does it make other than more experience which is not a bad thing at all. To me, she is beautiful and I love her body and love having sex with her. Do I care how many other guys have *** in her? Nope. In fact, I hope they all enjoyed their time with her as much as I do. I hoped she rocked their socks off and gave them incredible pleasure. And I hope she had multiple ******* with every one of them too.
And if she decides to have sex with other men in the future? I have already given her my blessing if she wants to do that. I know she is smart and careful. It doesn't worry me. I would love to do a ********* or foursome with her and another guy or guys. Or another woman, but she has tried that a few times and isn't really into it.
Sex between consenting adults is a beautiful, wonderful thing. I don't really understand where all the bad connotations came from, that sex is dirty, bad, sinful and the delusion that we all must be celibate until married and then must be strictly monogamous. Probably from the church though the Bible is full of all kinds of sex including multiple partners, concubines, rape and ******. And we don't even need to mention the Catholic Church and its ongoing revelations some of which are utterly disgusting.
I think it was and is all about how to control women and their bodies. And the establishment, mostly controlled by old dirty white men, also wants to perpetrate this illusion, even while they have countless mistresses and frequent prostitutes while they wives are home taking care of the house and the kids. Well I hope their wives are ******* the butler, maids, pool boy, delivery boys and all their friends behind their back and that most of their children came from someone else's DNA. They deserve it for the way they treat their women.
To me, a woman who is multi-orgasmic, loves sex and is totally uninhibited about it and takes charge of whom they want to **** and when and where, is a goddess.

An excellent article, well thought out. You certainly described my wife.

I am not sure I understand your pain. Being married to a promiscuous woman is certainly preferable to being in a sexless marriage, is it not? When you consider the alternatives, having an eager and willing sex partner at your fingertips is far from the worst situation for a man. So many married men have to literally beg their wives for sex and rarely get enough sex from their wives to keep them satisfied. But you have a woman who is always ready for sex and who craves it with a powerful hunger. Many men would envy you.

Very welll written. I happen to be married to such a women. Most men think that they want a promisquious woman, but when you are married to one, then you have a problem. My wife is well educated with several advance degrees. I on the other hand, just have a high school diploma, so while I am working two jobs, doing all I can to keep up, she is out of town or at the mall doing what she does best, picking up guys.Sometimes,, on those rare occasions when we go out together, maybe out to a resturant or church and she makes eye contact with a guy, I always get the feeling that they either have or will sleep together. There isn't much I can say or do about it. It's not like I am a Cuckold Husband discribed in other sections of EP. I am just a man married to a promiscuious woman. I do all I can to handle my business in the bedroom but a promiscuious woman is just like a promiscuious man. They are usually strong, well educated and successful. I guess she married me for the mere pleasure of having someone to **** whenever she want to. It is a painful pleasure to be married to a promiscuious woman.

Well written interestingly and discussed - I would agree with all that you say......

Ahysa, as much as a man can, I feel your pain, frustration and hatred. I feel very much the same way about my wife. I have said enough about her in other places in this post, so to say more would make me sound like a whiner. You are very correct when you say it is NOT you. I believe you can work him toward a change, with your wondrous femininity, BUT, it would take a lot of work. I wonder if it would be as immensely satisfying to bring about a shift in him as I can imagine it being. <br />
<br />
The more I think about your situation, the more irritated I become at the colossal waste that he has made of a wondrous opportunity that men like me would love to experience.

Great article and oh so true

If I may, as a woman, I think I am sending out all the right signals to my husband of ten years, at least 3-4 times a week, but to no avail! Are there any articles here that address the fact that there are men who just have other priorities, and are simply not the sexual tigers society (and men in general) will have us believe they are. I am very attractive, I take pride in my appearance, I like to dress in a provocative way, get a lot of attention outside of the home, I like to wear sexy clothes even when I am at home cooking dinner for incoming husband and kids, and all he can think about is finishing up his projects that are due the next day at work. When I get incredibly frustrated with his lack of attention, or at least a compliment or two, he will give me a ton of excuses ranging from "preoccupied at work, I dress too seductively, he can't think about sex when we fight so much, he feels I am too bossy, and on and on it goes. I am a very proud person, so when he's good and ready, I am not. That leads to more frustration of course. I think I have come to understand, finally, after all these years, that some men, are just not that sexual. Just like some women. The key is to be with someone compatible. I used to think that all men are always ready, and as long as they don't feel deprived, they will be happy. Not true in my marriage. Apparently, my husband would trade in half my looks and passion in bed, for a more calm, submissive, needy version of me. Then we would go at it all the time, according to him. Go figure... I am still baffled...But, I have been enlightened somewhat in this matter, and that is an understanding that has come as a result of growing up, and maturity; People, all people, are individuals, there really are no standards of what married women are like, what men in general are like, in today's world, there are no more traditional roles, men care as much about decorating the family home as the woman does, (unfortunate for me) and they have a say as to what the kids should eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some men will even insist on cooking on the weekends, even though they have no idea what they are doing, takes them twice the time, and they leave a big catastrophe behind... but that is today's world. The metro sexual man is a reality, he exists, and he is here. AND I HATE HIM!

Thanks, outofbiz, this was very informative and well written. I'll look forward to reading more of your work. I expecially like the article on the "drunken party."

Thanks, outofbiz. Sex should be joyous and fulfilling. Many have filled it instead with all sorts of rules, regulations and inhibitions. I am glad to find like minded people to keep company with here. If I had known at 18 what I know now.....<br />
<br />
The young people, and I think especially the young women, have no idea how good they have things today.

Your ample wit...<br />
is my aphrodisiac...every time you open your mouth<br />
My tongue gets rigor and spasms to.... seek between your thighs ;p>

Bemybadgirl:<br />
<br />
Yes, your wife drives you into other women's beds because she is unwilling to experiement and be adventurous sexually. I know so many guys like you. I am glad that you did not let her inhibitions and hang ups keep you from enjoying an exciting sex life. If only she could take part and see how much fun sex can be, then your marriage would be so much richer and your relationship so much stronger. I actually pity wives like yours because they just don't know what they are missing, and they are often foolish enough to think that they can somehow restrict or regulate your sex life. They do not understand that a man will seek out and find all those eager women so happy to be the ob<x>ject of all that lusty delight. It is a shame really and I wish there was some way to re-educate such wives without hurting them and leaving them bitter and disillusioned. Perhaps not, but it would be sweet if it were only possible.

Thanks for your thought provoking comment. I have often wondered if it was my own shortcomings as a lover that left her so vanilla. Perhaps it was, but I worked very hard to introduce new experiences to her. She would not cooperate. There are no limits on what I would do, even now, to ignite her in a way that she would love her body, love being a woman and love sexuality. I have tried romance, thoughtfulness, talking. I have not been willing to resort to force, so far, no would I manipulate her mind through mind control, as I have felt I have to respect her integrity as a person. I will admit to having been with other women, after long years of frustration. The women I have been with have said that they loved my way of being with them and that my wife does not know what she is missing by remaining vanilla with me. That is all I can go on.

I find the original article, here, to be 90% spot on. I also can agree with the fellow who married a virgin in her mid twenties who was a "good" girl. I fell upon the same situation with a girl in her mid 30's. The big difference was she was married once before I met her. It took me quite a long time to teach her the difference between marital love/sex & wild orgasmic raw lust sex. That I encouraged her to expand her sexuality beyond her wildest dreams and she having the courage to try it has made her absolutely an outstanding and creative sex partner with me and with any man or woman she fancies. Yes, are lives and society causes us to be very discrete, but we have the resources to work around those restrictions. Frankly, I couldn't have stayed with the woman she was when we first met.

Well... I must say I definitively enjoy your articles and agree for the most part. It is a sort of proud to read a woman so confident and earth grounded.<br />
<br />
I have enjoy the beauty of women through my life, with both promiscuous and non-promiscuous women and now living in a new country I can tell you... culture does makes a difference... huge difference. May be a topic for another interesting posting.<br />
<br />
Cheers ! - A latin guy...<br />
<br />

This has continued to be a fascinating post. Thank you again, outofbiz. I have come to think a woman (and I am male, husband and father) misses a great deal by not being promiscuous for a while. My wife and daughter would pronounce me crazy and that I totally misunderstand sex in general and especially from the female point of view. Yet, how can you even know what you like without experience? How can you discover the ways you can experience pleasure if you play with only one partner? I come from a background that suggests that when you achieve real intimacy with a partner then you experience sex and sexual pleasure at a level that cannot be matched by the promiscuous of either gender. I believed that for too long at the wrong part of my life. As a result I married a virgin. She was mid twenties when we married. She thinks she was a virgin and is a good girl because she is of such great character. Now, I realize, there is something missing in her sexuality. There is practically zero joie d' vive in her approach. She does not enjoy, as one writer mentioned, the knowledge that she can be out for an evening and choose a man to successfully seduce. She will not try new positions or experiences. I am left with sexual boredom on a scale that is almost unbelievable. I NEVER would have married any person to have a sexless marriage, yet that is what I endure. Yes, I could leave. I probably should leave. But leaving is not so easy as many think it would be. I would feel as though I was in heaven if I were with a woman who liked, craved, enjoyed and imaginatively approached sex. A promiscuous past and/or present would be a small price to pay for such experiences. As you can guess from my name, it is actually something I now find desirable. By the way, if you asked my wife, you would discover that all of the sexual issues are my fault for wanting things that she doesn't and not appreciating the value of a good girl. Having a good girl means only missionary, so you know. No oral. No variety of positions.<br />
<br />
It is culturally difficult to seperate sex and love. Part of the reason for that is the obvious association between sex and reproduction. Any woman who bears a child wants that child to be loved, both by her and her mate. As you may know, it is only women who are currently able to have babies that have had the choice of terminating pregnancy in any meaningful sense (I say this as someone who believes life begins at conception, so I am sure some of you will hate me). <br />
<br />
As I observe female sexuality, I cannot help but wonder why a woman would go through life never experiencing a 3some. I cannot help but wonder why a woman would not want to feel different size and shape men inside. I cannot help but wonder how a woman avoids her natural love for firsts (first kisses, first dances, first tastes, first sightings) and settles in with one man forever. I more deeply than ever understand why women slip, even more than I understand how men slip. <br />
<br />
There is going to have to be a huge change in the socialization of females if we are to see women experience fully the joy of being female, sexual and content.

emotionally stunted<br />
<br />
*sigh* my heart goes out to you. You are so right! So many women end up hurt, bitter, angry and disilllusioned, exaclty because they confuse sex with love. Just because someone treats you to an ****** does not mean they love you. Just because you have an ****** does not mean you are in love. The relationship of sex and love is about the same as the relationship of breathing and love. Sex, breathing, eating, drinking, these are basic human needs at the lowest level on the hierarchy of human happiness. While love is a much higher need. Humans need sex and humans need love. But those two things are not the same at all.<br />
<br />
If only more women would learn this lesson without getting hurt in the process! I blame it on the Cinderella myth, the Myth of the Monogamous Male. Little girls are implanted with an expectation that they will grow up, meet Prince Charming, and he will fall so in love with them that he will never even look at another woman. What a hurtful lie! Then, as adult women, this myth goes the same way as Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, and they learn the true nature of men and the true nature of sex. Often it takes them a series of failed relationships before they finally open their eyes and shed their childish illusions. How much more healthy would it be if little girls were taught the truth and implanted with a healthy, wholesome attitude about the true nature of men and the true nature of sex.<br />
<br />
To a promiscuous woman, like me, sex is the source of our greatest pleasure and a source of blissful happiness and joy. We need sex and love sex. But we do not confuse sex with love. How ridiculous it would be to think that I would have to be in love with all of those many, many, many sex partners that I have enjoyed over the last 20 years or so. We also understand and appreciate the true nature of men, and have no illusions about the myth of the monogamous male. I adore men, I respect and admire men, but I do not expect any man to settle for sex with just one woman, as it is just not their nature.

fantastic!<br />
makes me feel very proud, happy and human to love and crave sex and just ENJOY every moment of the RAPTURE and yeah the ****** part is so spot on...;P

This was a great story. I never really gave much thought to the differences in women. I admire women who dare to wear the 'promiscuous' label.

As a former ***** myself I agree 100% with your analysis. I was a ***** - bar girl for nearly 4 years before meeting my husband. Once I married I was the exact opposite of promiscuous for 7 years, but once we started playing I felt it was right. I don't regret the 4 years of monogamy at all it was a good lesson for me, but I think I made the transition from '*****' to a truly promiscuous women who sexes for pleasure, not power, not money but the raw pleasure of having man make love to me and the sheer excitement of having sex with many men as often as I desire. To be able to look at a man I have never seen before and decide that I want him and make the moves to make him mine for an hour or an evening and know it is my power that did that.<br />
<br />

There is a theme in your comments about orgasmic versus non-orgasmic women. Let me consider this and post a thread on it

Great prose! Thank you for bringing to light so many insightful tidbits of the female allure. I have always considered myself a forever student and women are one subject I will never tire of learning about.

Love your piece. Very inspiring and true.

My thoughts about "non-orgasmic" women is that they haven't had a good lover yet. My wife is one of those insidious religous uptights, but as soon as she learned to ******, she became multi and as soon as she learned to squirt, she began squirting regularly.