Where I Live Is Important

And , to whom I shoot is not!  Here in the mighty state of West Virginia, we have a new law?  It's called the castle law, and that means, " a man's home is his castle", and we as citizens of this fine state, can shoot anyone who breaks into our home, and know question are asked.  I like that new law, and I protect, my home, my family, and anyone who is living under my roof, with a .40 cal. hand gun.  I am getting better with pratice, and the assurance of the Chief of Police, who takes me to the firing range, at least once a month.  My aim, is to hi the target, at 75 ft, but right now it's closer to 30 ft. amd a direct shot.  My, brother is against me having a gun, do to medical concerns, bbut i tell him my health has nothing to do if I need to defend him, friends, or my home.  I will tell others that if you mess with me, the undertaker will pick you up, and that's a fact.  If you, do not call my house, after the sunsets, and you come to my door, the next thing you will hear, is the slide on gun go back, and then I aim toward the door.  And the next thing I here is BAM, BAM, BAM,BAM,BAM,BAM,BAM,BAM,BAM,BAM,BAM,BAM,BAM,BAM,BAM.  i WILL EMPTY THE CLIP IN YOU IN A HEARTBEAT.  I have security lights every where, I have dogs, neighbors, and we all carry or tote a gun, whether it be on us, or in our car, trucks, 4 wheelers.  We aim to please those, who will **** us off, we, here in this fine state, don't take kindly to those, who cross the line, here........

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
Feb 23, 2010