I Sign At Work

One of our children is hearing impared but it is very useful working with babies. Most of ours cant talk or just don't say anything that would help us lol. I only know basics but I want to learn sign language and maybe work with older children with hearing impairments. Babies are so cute with they sign. They are all over the place but I love it!
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1 Response Dec 9, 2011

I feel that the world would be a much better place for everyone, if signing was taught to every child as they are learning to talk. Then there would never be a hearing impaired person who felt isolated because they couldn't communicate with the hearing populace. I have advocated for this for many years. I am only sorry I never thought of it until after my children were already grown and out on their own.

Baby signing is becoming very popular because they can communicate before they can physically speak. Unfortunately people stop once their child can talk

I wish it would become universal. Taught in schools even. If the classes were taught in sign at the same time as the teacher is speaking, it would be such a natural thing. The children would be told that when responding to a question orally, or when asking a question, they must sign while speaking. Before too many years, everyone would be doing it.