Capably Deranged

When I started my NaNoWriMo project this year, I thought I could come up with a story of the experience of growing up, and coping as an adult, with ADHD, bi-polar and chronic depression. I called it "Capably Deranged: Suffering Emotional Disorders Without the Benefit of Disability"
But I'm no David Sedaris or Augusten Burroughs; there's not too much quirky or guffaw-worthy in my story. The best line I could come up with was "What's the use in having all these keen disorders when you can't get any money for them?"
So I'm taking all these drugs, and whenever my doctor added another, I'd ask him, "What is it?" And he'd say, "It's an anti-psychotic." Anybody have a clue how that messes with your head???
So I wanna know, if I need all these anti-psychotics, am I, at my normal non-medicated baseline, writing as a psychotic, or am I writing like a psychotic when I have wonderings like these in the middle of my vignette?
In other words, just what the hell am I doing??
cerrulis cerrulis
46-50, F
Nov 11, 2012