The four most sought after things in the world are s-e-x and love, good health, and money.  It seems that life is significantly less satisfying without a supply of these four things.  When it comes to finding love, the internet has changed the way we do things.  Also the modern stance on unwanted attention or touching of any sort has greatly changed the way we do things. 
For all the popularity of the internet and the flood of social network platforms and dating sites, one might think it is very easy to find someone to become romantically involved with.  Well, one would be both right and wrong.  The internet does indeed make it easier to get together with someone, and for various reasons one doesn’t have to try too hard to get between the sheets.  But that apparent ease when it comes to the sheets, doesn’t equate to actually finding a steady girlfriend or boyfriend.  In fact it makes it harder to settle for someone, and easier to just keep going back to the dating site to find a more suitable match.  No, the internet has not made it easier to find love, or find a girlfriend or boyfriend.  If anything, the convenience and impersonal nature of that medium has made it harder, and there are more single people in the world today than ever before in its history.
Adding to that, modern culture has developed into a particularly unfriendly place, especially when it comes to approaching people, being transparent in regards to desire and attraction, and touching people.  It may almost be illegal to even look at someone lustfully.  Where I come from, New Zealand, I have received strong and angry verbal tirades from women for looking at them with desire in my eyes, and I once whistled at a woman and was strongly verbally assaulted.  So the modern climate is one that really forces you to head home to your computer and communicate using that medium.  It is not really acceptable to approach strangers, talk to them, and proposition them in regards to “getting together”.  But for all this, people haven’t changed, we still long for companionship, friendship, connection, and of the real face to face, hand to hand variety, as opposed to Facebook, and a bunch of emails from an Internet dating site.
I have a time proven strategy for getting a girlfriend or boyfriend within 3 months.  And I just finished my book about it, and it's available on Amazon for $3.  It’s titled – I Met My Wife at a Bus Stop.  The book offers a simple clear strategy that will enable you to take control of your romantic ambitions and even goes so far as to guarantee, that if you follow its guidelines and principles, you will have a steady boyfriend or girlfriend within three months.
The system and strategy of this book will guide you to return to the tried and true methods that worked for thousands of years, before everyone became so stuffy and uptight, and we we’re all swallowed up by cyber-space, the days when if you weren’t married or engaged, you were fair game.  It gives very pertinent advice regarding a reliance on Internet dating sites and using social network platforms such as Facebook, and even using electronic communication such as texting and instant messages, when establishing a relationship.  It provides clear instructions that will take you all the way through every step and stage toward establishing a steady boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with someone, even teaching us how to meet people, where to meet them, and what to do when you meet them.  These step by step instructions are divided into 3 Phases.  It also provides insight into why so many people are single, why Internet dating doesn’t work for most, and why modern culture is so anti-s-e-x, and repressed when it comes to what were once simple, natural desires and very real human needs.
If you want to end your being single rut, or are tired of meeting the wrong types and have had enough of surfing the Internet looking for a companion then don’t despair, don’t become cynical, despondent, or negative, grab a copy of I Met My Wife at a Bus Stop and take control of your romantic future.
I am so happy that my experiences with women could be written in a book and they might help someone meet their true love.  Good Luck.
ShiningSon ShiningSon
Aug 24, 2014