That's Not All I Am.

Most of my life I have been pretty. And I am not saying this to sound like I am full of myself.  I don't think I am gorgeous, but I am not ugly, so I say pretty.  But, here lately, that's all I have been seen as.  And at first, I didn't mind.  But whenever that is what someone thinks I am, it ****** me off.  I get tired of people just expecting me not to be anything else.  I am not a genious, by any means, but I do believe I have other things to offer in a conversation and friendship.  Don't get me wrong, I am very sexual, I love sex... like a lot.  But, I also like talking. 

Oh, and sometimes it sucks going into a new job...  to the men, they all wanna see who can get into my pants, and the women hate and judge me for it, even before they get to know me.  I have had an entire shift of women not like me because of this, and they didn't even take the time to get to know me.... but they hated me anyways.

I don't think this story is put together well, and it sounds more like a rant than anything, but I just felt I needed to get this off my chest.

I do have more to offer than my pretty face or body...  I think I am an interesting person, with different views, and who is super friendly.  If people could just get past the whole judging thing....
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As long as you are happy with yourself who really cares what anyone thinks. You know the truth and your friends know it to.

I don't think this is unusual for lots of different people. Sometimes you become the joker in the office and that is all you are seen as. It makes you want to scream "Can't I be funny and also be a deep thinker" Sod em! are pretty, but it is your your brain, spirit, and kindness that makes you sexy to me.

You guys need to stop acting like ******* creeps look for people around you own age to be a perv to

Guess you just need to let a few of the women at work in your pants too.

If your profile photo is anything to go by then, YES, you are pretty but that doesn't mean you don't have a mind and can think for yourself.

By the way--sex is so much more rewarding with someone you can talk to and relate to :)

That was me ranting back :)

You just want people to take you seriously for what you're not just a pretty object. If men were objectified the same way women are...we'd never put up with it. And yet people are surprised when a woman objects. I say you should stand your ground...don't let pepole put you down because you want to be seen as a human being, not just a piece of meat.

Well i think by having your rant as you called it, shows that you are more then just a pretty face and can actually hold a conversation and use your brain. So hello and big thumbs up from me :)

May I explore your offer to get to know you ?

Jealousy of you because the men are reacting to you is common trait for just about every
workplace within a month that will change,then it will be jealousy from the old office sweety and you

yeah I suppose that happens everywhere but you're right you shouldn't judge especially right away done to you get to know someone is there bad person well the bad person but how do you know off the bat and if it's a jealousy thing well that's a whole nother story too.

That will come in time, just be patient. Please add me. Thanks.

You are right, but remember what's said about first impressions. If a person only sees you they'll think you're pretty. But if they meet you, then they'll know if you really are pretty. The beauty is truly within.

Fair play for what you've written here. Judgemental, insecure or jealous people are horrible. I hear you x Please add me

Maybe try toning down your "assets" a little? Like taking a more modest approach to your appearance? As they say, first impressions are often the most profound and the most lasting. When people see a great looking girl like yourself, sorry to say, there are just things that are automatically put into place in your mind about them.

People often see me and place me into a stereotype as well. There are things about myself that I could change to eliminate some of that stereotyping, but I choose not to because it's who I am. People are always going to make premature judgements, it's just how we make sense of things.

yes people do get worked up by a charming face and in order to conceal the creeping insecurity they over react! you should ignore the angry ones and have fun with people who like you!

Thanks, that's great advice! I will work on that!

I can honestly say that I am one of those few kinds of people that is considered a real man to the definition. As in I actually show respect and like to get to know people. I will also say that Im kind of jealous because you get approached and sought after. Im not saying Im ugly or gorgeous since I have always been called either cute or handsome. Its just I dont get that very often. As if a woman is terrified to approach me and say it to me. You do look like a woman with more to offer. And Id like to get to know that if you would allow me to do so.


Hey Bama...your a good southern girl with wit and intellegence. Gotta love the GRITS girls (Girls Raised In The South). Getting ready for breakfast and yes...I will be having grits :-) dc

goggd story add me

Unfortunately people always do judge, honey. Guys look at a girl and I guess many of them only see physical attributes. The only way to get to know someone is to get them to talk and then LISTEN ! Ok, I guess I'm as bad as anyone for wanting to talk sexually to girls but if that's NOT what they wanted I would try to find what they did want. I will talk to you as a friend, just contact me and tell me how youfeel sweetheart. If you wanna mail me privately send to :

I've had this conversarion before. I've often wondered if attractive women find it hard in their day to day lives to deal with how attractive they are. I had a friend with the same issue. She was hated by her co workers because one of their boyfriends made a comment about my friend's body, and instantly spread rumors she was a ****, and a home wrecker. Pretty crazy. She also always dates ********, and is marrying one in my opinion. I've often been intimidated to go up to a pretty girl, and just talk to her, but something tells me the kinda guys that approach a lot of pretty girls are probably cocky, douchebags for the most part, so what other option do they have right? Do you find this to be true for you?

I understand ! That's a tough thing to deal with.

Well said!

Keep your resume updated, you can do better.
Hang in there for now.

I just like you. ;-)

Thank you!

Keep your head up and stay strong if they want to hate on you then you don't need them in your life any ways don't let any get you down life is to short

you are a beautiful woman ppl should never judge anyone period ppl should try to see the person behind the face you are so much more than just a pretty face you have intelligence thoughts to share about life and many other things your a soul with high potential ppl should see the good in you vinny

Hmm, very interesting. To be perfectly honest I think most people are on here to explore their sexual side and to find like minded people that are hard to find in the real world. That's why I'm on here. I'm just a great guy that has never cheated on a woman nor have a problem meeting girls. I get hit on at least twice a day but I do have a freaky side. I have fetishes that I won't tell anyone about except the person I'm with in a relationship. I'm here to try and find girls that enjoy the same fetishes as me so usually or for the most part I'm here for the sexual talk. I have my close friends and I'm far from lonely so I don't come on here to form bonds and friendships. I'm just looking for that cool girl to talk to about things and maybe get a chance to hang out with. I guess I ranted a little but understand, many of us are on here to explore that side of us that we can't tell our real world about. That's what the Internet is for.

I get what you're saying, but I have friends who know all about the things that I talk about on here... So it's different for me, but I get that not everyone has it like that.

can i add u to my circle sweetie i would like to get to know u a lot better if u don't mind that is !! :-)

It's a shame that women are cursed for being good looking and taking care of themselves! Men look at you like a piece of meat they want to eat and women look at you like the **** but like someone else said here you can't please everyone. The best thing to do is just keep on being yourself if they don't like that and take the time to really get to know you then they aren't worth you friendship anyway! I think just by looking at your picture and reading some of your stories you are a great all around woman so don't change!

Thank you! :)

"Don't get me wrong, I am very sexual, I love sex... like a lot. But, I also like talking."<br />
<br />
Haha! thats classic! They should make a shirt that says that lol

hahaha... I want one that says that now... lmao!!

It's nothing new, but still a shame that's the kind of world we still live in. In the end, you know who you are and what you are....Those that want to really know you will do so :)

wow thx 4 shareing i too find it hard to make good close friends cos they judge me and think im just a horny perv !! lol well i am but im also much much more thatn that im a vary loveing careing open honest non judgementle person !!! they just don'''t take the time to get to know me !!!!

I know exactly what you mean...

i would like u to be in my circle so we can talk more hope u will join me thx !!!:-)

I think you are too... I love women being smart and interesting that is what a guy also seeks in a women :)<br />
But first is first we do watch before we chat ;) and that will always be... just chat sometimes with men and you see if they are really interested in you... hope you can do something with this wisedome lol

People should be able to see that there's more to you than your (sorry very) pretty face. If they even read only one of your stories they can see that you are an intelligent, genuine and beautiful person. So don't worry about them. Keep your head up and keep being you. We love you that way...

some times a good rant is needed <br />
<br />
id like to get to know you you have a great personality and good sense of humor

Aww... thank you. You have been added sir!

Yeah,unfortunately,people do have a tendancy to judge people on first impressions,and the first thing anyone sees is appearance.Some people though,as rare as it may seem,take the time to look beneath the surface and get to know the person for who they are.I know when I first saw your avatar,my first thought was,what a beautiful woman,and just like we're drawn to a sunset by a lake,a flower garden,or a full harvest moon....I decided to pull my car over and have a look.What I found of course,was a a very attractive young woman,yes,but also,a person with a lot to offer.Your stories,your oppinions and thoughts,all informed me of just how deep these waters run,and just think what I would have missed out on,had I just drove by,assuming that I was witnessing nothing more than yet another roadside attraction on the ep highway.:) I'm so glad I looked into those waters,and saw you for who you really are,and I know that others will....or at least they should,do the same.

Oh my gosh! You have made my day with this! Thank you for the sweet words, and for taking the time to know me. I love meeting new people, people who understand how I am. I can be very dirty and pervy, but I am also an awesome person... lol. That sounded a little self-centered, but I don't care. I think I am a good friend.

That makes at least 2 of us then.;)

Wanna be my friend?

Rant away. Looking through your profile you are a gorgeous, sexy, intelligent, feisty, fascinating woman. ;-)))

Awww... thank you! That's super sweet!