Its always difficult when you realize that maybe you're not special, that you are meant to be 'average,' another one of the bunch. This was and is an especially hard pill to swallow. Maybe it was because I didn't feel like I belonged to the normal ebb and flow. Its not that I suffered from a superiority complex, it was the opposite. I hoped my life would be used for bigger things, not necessarily better ones. But there is nothing special about me, even though I often feel weird and out of place. So I spend my life as a dreamer, wishing to shine like a star, but having to realize i'm not made that way. I never want to be famous or well known, I just hope to accomplish something great someday.
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In our correspondences I have found you to be special. Maybe you feel weird and out of place because all eyes are on you and you are special. I too want to be more that is why I sing at karaoke.I am quite good and it helps me feel like I am not a failure.Find something you love and do it no matter what anyone else thinks.Also,maybe you are here for us at EP.I gain insight when I chat with you. Much love,miss.Go out and be what you want.

thanks grey. i know i am different, but it never seems to be a good thing, and its hard for me to do the things i want when i feel depressed. u know how it is, a devastating feeling, just makes me wanna lay down. im very torn in between. one side tells me i will get over with, the other says i will die this way.

That's pretty much me in a nutshell. I don't crave stardom or fame, but there has always been this need in me to have achieved something great in my life, even though I know that I'm average at best and will probably spend my life in mediocrity. I dream but never act.

u can shine as bright as u want! U need a job come to ny! Theres a million things that u can do here

You know everyone has something that makes special in their own way.God creates everyone with something special in them.Don't be sad.Also if you have a dream take charge and accomplish it because if you just sit around dreaming your dream will never become a reality if you just do nothing.But if you don't suceed in accomplishing a certain dream don't give up.Try to accompish something else or another dream because god has always got things we were meant to be and do and if something isn't meant to be he won't make it happen.So no matter what you do or whatever happens always know that you are special in your own special way that you were meant to be.