With Lots Of Dreams

I m the guy who comming from middle class with the lots of ambitions and dreams
From my childhood i saw the many faces of money and many problems of money but still i achieved my officership with hardship and honesty ,lots of struggle even ...Still i m in struggling period .but i thought so my confidence and courage are incredible this makes me compells on i m abnormal guy . Means i m that guy who not only saw day dreams but works for it also so i am one of the lakhs people Even i dont know if i succeed or not.but still i am on my way..I dont care of anyone and this stands me abnormal in my hostel even...
May be sometimes thinking of own abmormality gives u you encouragement for your work and honesty for it...So guys I am proud that I am not normal...
ashu4569 ashu4569
18-21, M
Mar 22, 2012