My Husband Beats Me But I Deserve And I Like It

I have to say that my daddy spanked me every day before i go to sleep and it was a good discipline. I feelt after this relax and free.So i got married for a very streight and strict man.He loves me and i adore him.He know that i need discipline and he beats me often to show me that he is right and to show me that i have to respect him more and more.Yes i respect him every time more after he beats me and i love him.I think that all husbands needs to show his power and discipline to wifes and wife need to know where is her place in house.I have to admit that after he beats me i feel good and sex is amaizing.
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What the F is that? I'll say you're out of your mind. That's NOT fair.. firstly and lastly you are a human.. There is no male or female n this. Yes, I can tell that you have major issues since your a little, but that supposed to be it. Good luck with him.


Promoting abuse is wrong.
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You Forcing people to live by a certain lifestyle is also wrong. Your account should be flagged.

Are you from a country other than the USA?

I am happy for you that you have a good marriage!!

Thank you, yes i am so happy with my husband .

This is the best type of marriage. I want it sooooo bad!

Your husband sounds very rough but many women like rough sex even their face slapped and since he only makes it pink then it goes away fast. Does he give you many lashes with his belt? Are you Russian or Czech or Eastern European? Sometimes men in those countries use spanking for discipline with their wives. I do not want to offend anyone from those countries; just making an observation and I may be wrong.

I am from East Europe yes but my husband is from Qatar.Actaly in daily life my husband i s gentel and nice with me, i can go where i want and bay what i want but he has his rules in his life and i have to folow him.Not every time he slap my face in sex, no, this happend from time to time.You ask about belting? Well yes when he want to punish me with his belt then he hit me many times but after hi finish he kiss me all over my body and i know it was only for my good...i really love him

i agree with polygyny and would love to be a second wife or concubine to u two. he sounds terribly deliciois

I am glad that your husband beats you and that it makes you love him more and respect him more and gives you great sex and makes you feel good. Probably other women feel the same way but are afraid to say so. When you use the word "beat" do you mean "spank"? And if he spanks you how does he do so and with what? By the way your profile picture is beautiful.

Thank you Kent. Well yes he spank me thats mean he use to put me over his knee and he spank me wit his hand but he like to use his belt too.Then he put me on to lie on bed with pillow under me.Sometimes when we make love and its a hard sex he like to slap me on my face ( but i never was blue on my face ). But i have to say that my husband is usualy very gentel with me.Discipline is something what we both agree and i like the way of my husband.

I think this is great! It's what you like and what he enjoys. I think its very appropriate for women to be spanked, and I am trying to get mine to do it, but so far he won't. Hopefully one day. Your lucky.

My husband also beats me to discipline me. He feels thats how I can be trained best. I'm his sex slave and I love being this. I also like it that he beats me - I feel he takes care of me enough so that I can improve.

Wooow, you gave me a very strong hard-on...thanks for sharing

This is thru story.I ask my husband to beat me becoase i need this.He know verry well that i respect him more after he beat me and specialy after belting.He wants to be his submissive and i like this. But i have to say that my husband respect me too and love me.When he finish with belting me he take me in his arms and hold me, kiss me and then we start to make love...

I don't go for this. I feel respect is a 2 way street. Some of us get off on pain. If you are happy Nora I wish you well.

She didn't say her husband didn't respect her. Read it well and her replies.

In America it is considered disrespectful to hit someone. So this is my personal view. I read her post well.

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