All The Time

I often let my dirty mind run wild... pretty much anywhere!
At school, at home, while I'm walking through the mall... even sitting next to my parents in the car.
I am an aspiring writer, and when often thinking about romantic stories and attractive young men, sometimes I go crazy and imagine how the sex would go between the guy and the attractive young girl.
What can I say? It's fun! I love it!
pbabe18 pbabe18
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 12, 2010

Hi pbabe.<br />
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I'm amazed by your list of experiences. I think you're the only EP person that I have 100 experiences in common with. My interest in this sort of thing is something I'm totally in the closet about and I seldom have a chance to have this kind of fun, but I like reading stories (including yours) on EP and posting mine here. (I'd love to see your comments on mine; I've posted the one about my planned accident in school to maybe a couple of dozen groups, and also one about a diaper experience to several groups, and some fantasies to several groups.)