Well I used to be a person who thought that otherkin stuff such as angels were nonexistent and I made fun of people who believed in these kinds of mystical things. Recently however, I came across an artical on the web about guardian angels. It said that every person had a guardian angel and they could ask them their name during meditation. Well I'm not sure why but I asked the question in my head and all of a sudden the name "Misha" popped in my head. It was so weird for me, I've never heard such a name before. This word had no meaning for me in my mother tongue nor in English, the second language that I could speak. But the article also said that we needed to accept the name that our angel reveals to us even if it sounds very odd. Well I still didn't really believe all this but it felt very weird to suddenly have this meaningless word in my head. So I looked the name Misha up online and found out that it was a name in russian which was short for Michael and it also meant loyal and godlike. I was shocked... So now I believe the existence of Misha, my guardian angel.
placidgoi placidgoi
18-21, F
Aug 21, 2014