I Hurt Someone I Really Cared About....

if you hurt someone you really liked out of anger, is it ever too late too apologize and do the right thing? i got mad because they hadn't called me in 4 days since they had got back in town from visiting their family. i kept texting and got worried, i let my emotions get the best of me and i deleted them from facebook. i then tried to add them back and when they wouldn't add me i told them that i didn't like it when someone just let things taper off, and if they weren't interested in talking to me anymore they should ve just said so. they told me that I WAS THE ONE THAT DELETED THEM, and that i didn't respect their boundaries, that i was acting immature and i sent them stalking texts. all of these things were lies i know because i had hurt them, and before any of this happened we were fine. i just got upset that they could get online and talk to everyone else but not me and I HAD SET UP A DATE WITH THEM TO TAKE THEM OUT ON SATURDAY AND SUNDAY FOR VALENTINES! we had already discussed this, it was bad enough we really didn't have any real conversations which was why i was trying to talk to them whenever i could because they were busy.

they could get on twitter but they couldn't talk to the person who was willing to take them out and had ordered something from edible arrangements for them but had to give it to their mom since things turned out bad. i will show a pic of what i had bought them. its been two weeks, and i do want to apologize for my behavior if i was out of line, and even if they were the ones in the wrong i still miss them for some odd reason. oh, and it also doesn't help that after they blocked me, i found out they were an award winning journalist, editor, and online writer who i could google and over 240,000 pages of their work pops up when i google them. this is not helping me get over them at all, they even write articles for magazines in the state i live in and have their own website with their face plastered all over it. this isn't a normal departure where you can just delete someone and be done with them, i had know idea how successful they were and they didn't tell me. please help! should i could and say sorry? or just leave it alone, i don't want to miss out on the chance on telling them how i feel before its too late.....


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you can try. i recently had an outing with a friend. I have no problem admitting the bad things I did, but she didn't exaggerate what I did, she lied. I apologized. but still don't want anything to do with her and I don't respect liars