Do Not Judge My Journey.

I know I will make it, still my journey is difficult. I haven't scaled a mountain, or swam an ocean, or suffered the torture to reveal state secret however my journey is mine. Difficult, bloody, humiliating, and discouraging - still I will make it out the other side. I will stand tall and be proud that I still have my integrity and beauty and faith. I joined this site because I love the spirit and passion that arises from the stories. We must be proud. We are willing to post our thoughts, our pain, our despair and yet we wake each day, an important part of the human race. We post our thoughts and know that others will relate, will understand, will smile because they too feel as we do. Climbing, clawing, pulling to the top so We can stand tall and proud again, regardless... Thanks all that read this, who understand. Thanks. I will make it through, as will each of you.
DrButterfly DrButterfly
46-50, F
May 19, 2012