The Office Cheerleader

My wish is that I had tons of real life experiences to write about wearing skirts and dresses, having my hair permed and growing up with feminine self outside and not inside. Well, I don't.


I try to distinguish what really happened from my fantasy and wish list. Well, this one is a bit different but really happened last month. If nothing else I hope this story will make you laugh, or at least grin.


I was writing to a close friend here at EP in mid-December describing what I do with my job. Here's exactly what I wrote her:


"I really try to be a positive person all the time- I like being the cheerleader. Right now, I'm referring to at work with colleagues and at home with my kids.  I try to inspire people to be their best and push beyond their comfort zone."


Two days later we had our firm's Christmas party.  Here's the email I sent to everyone at the company the next morning (the conversation I refer to really happened):

The Email

What an evening last night!  

 A tremendous turnout from the past and present, including retired and departed partners, admin personnel, and others from our past, but most of all---

 You.  Yes, our current team- secretaries, admin, couriers, assistants, partners - everyone! 

 One of a retired partners from years ago mentioned to me last evening all of the positive things that he sees and hears about the firm.  I couldn't have been more pleased.  He then looked at me and said I was doing a great job as the cheerleader. It was a very nice but somewhat different compliment.  Cheerleader? Really?

 Then I thought about it more and realized he was absolutely right - that's what I try to do, not necessarily successfully.  And I love doing just that. 

 Who wouldn't?  I'm cheering for the best team out there- a team comprised of each and every one of you. 

 Happy Holidays to all of the team members!


I received a number of responses from folks.  More than a few mentioned that they couldn't envision me in a cheerleader skirt with pom poms.  


If they only knew....


Kim1girl Kim1girl
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

Love your story! Does your firm do anything with Halloween? Might make for an interesting custom! LOL,

Oh and I have to wonder if anyone else asked this. How did you manage to get the departed employees to come to your event? I mean zombies is all the rage but getting the invitations to them must have been one hell of a task! lol

Halloween might prove too tempting for me. Someone will remember that cheerleader line, want me to put a skirt on and I'd be in trouble. Everyone would know I liked it a bit too much!
As for getting the departed to come, well, we throw a pretty good party. And the retired folks, seriously, they are some of our best cheerleaders!

Departed? this is a word I typically associate with the deceased? does it have a different meaning in your line of work?

That's exactly why I'm in favor of Halloween, so someone does remember that line! And so what if you enjoy it.. Nothing makes people happier when they are around confident self humored people! I'd go for it. ;P