Elephant In The Room

My mother never wants to talk about the things that most need to be said. These tender wounds that have yet to heal because she won't  pour on the alcohol. She never wants us to discuss why my 2 brothers have mental development problems due to her drug use while they were in the womb. She never wants to talk about what she does all night every friday after she gets her paycheck. She doesnt want to discuss who my dad is and why she can't remember his name. She doesn't want to discuss all the strange men who are in our house when I come home from work. She doesnt want to discuss why I always take my little brother in the room with me. Or why I keep a bat in my closet and a switchblade under my pillow. When we go to family gatherings, she expects us to play our parts in the loving Taylor family. But they know her history. They try to give the elephant space but it's not that easy when its staring you in the face.......
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1 Response Jul 10, 2010

im pleased to see you have work. i hope you can find someone to talk to about this x