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Spank Me Hard....

I think the group picture would describe it best, only if it were me I wouldn't be struggling to get away. I'd bend over and love every moment of it. I don't know exactly when or why I got into the whole spanking business, but however it happened, it happened for good. I love it. Its a huge turn on and its a part of my chain-reaction-sequence that goes on with my body. If I'm spanked, or even if you just squeeze or pinch my *** the slightest bit my nipples get hard, and since they're extremely sensitive, they're keen to any type of temperature or even the fabric of my shirt when they're hard and I get wet, and then my **** swells and gets really sensitve like my nipples, and before you know it I'm completely horny. So yeah. lol

Drenna Drenna 18-21, F 20 Responses Jun 10, 2008

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I would love to give u a good hard spanking over my knee.Hope u been getting your spankings,cause I know u need them :)

Oh my drenna , what a lovely story > I love being spanked while I'am wearing just my cute little tight fitting see through rubber pantis...... the spanking stings sooo much better with the rubber panties on ! boy scotty

WOW. You make me horny by reading it.

You have described your feelings very nicely. <br />
<br />
I wish I could squeze your nipples between my fingers also using my fingernails and I could give to you a long and hard spanking.

I love finding naughty girls... :)

Do you like being spanked in the shower ?

i love to be spanked and paddled otk on the bare butt

I am 21 yrs old and I've been a bad girl can someone spank me

I enjoy a good spanking to , but unfortunately my husband doesn't like to spank me thinking that I want to be punished he doesn't under stand it is a really big turn on for me to be spanked and put in a corner and spanked and made love to . I do wish there was a place in my area where I could get a good spanking the closest place is Chicago I wish I could just go and get a spanking once in awhile more I wish my husband would spank me. Maybe if he knew what a turn on it is for me I could get him to do it But I don't know how to get that across to him Do you have any ideas of how I could get him to do this?

I have found many a lady who enjoys it like you do. It is good for a real man also. The build up as you choose an instrument to spank with. The different welts left. I have always told my playmates that “I kiss all my ouch’s better” and I do. The feel to caress with your lips a raised welt. To gently, but barely touching, slide your tongue along it, tasting the woman. Spanking is true foreplay at its finest. An appreciative woman who lies and enjoys it makes for a truly erotic partner.<br />
Peace be with you <br />
&<br />
Lotz O’ Lust


@Drenna - that's *such* a hot post. Thanks for sharing.<br />
<br />
@Eculligan415 - do post and let us know if you did try it, and whether you enjoyed it!

I am always ready, but only for a woman, and i always want it hard.<br />
I know you mend it for Drenna

Whenever you're ready, I'll go get my paddle!

Drenna, i am in a domestic discipline relationship where my wife spanks me. It is a huge turn on for me and we use it mostly as foreplay.

NOT on my story comment board please. i really dont care to hear about stories of someone being turned on by their own aunt spanking them. please pm each other and leave your stories off my page. i dont mean to sound rude or harsh, but if you're going to talk about that stuff then i'd rather it be in private rather than on a random story comment board lol


Share some of them with us, Ben.

I am a bad boy too, who likes be spanked hard and so that i can be turnend on. Is there any woman that can do that? Don't look like it if i read how men is struggeling to find one.

oh now thats naughty- i would love to warm our cheeks my girl - closer and closer to your hot button but not would be begging for contact to let you *** hot and wet...slap -stroak -slap would you like?

I'll have to try it!