My Naked Bust

Back in my university days, one very hot September my temporary boyfriend and I were smoochifying in his Toyota in the far reaches of one of the parking structures. It seemed pretty private, and we being quite young and horny, decided to take our affection up a notch. We ******** bare and started to do the wild thing.

His was some kind of hatchback, so we put down the back seats flat, threw a blanket over them, tossed our clothes and shoes into the front seats and went at it like rabbits. This was during my days of spreading interracial harmony and my friendly Hebrew thighs for gentlemen of the African American persuasion. To get more air, we raised the hatchback up, which made the whole thing semi-public.

But we were horny as heck and it was such a remote location, we figured it was OK to take a chance.

It was all very excellent, and my “date” had just reached his copious climax when we heard a tapping on the car window. It was a university police officer.

“Get out of the car, please,” he said, not sounding terribly collegiate.

“Right this second?” I squeaked. I did feel a little exposed.

“Get out of the car now,” he said, a little louder.

“Can I at least grab some clothes?” I pleaded.

“NOW!” he said. My friend was no help; I suspect he knew from some experience that negotiating with a white middle-class police officer was a non-starter.

So there we were, standing naked on the concrete. I tried to cover up my twilight zones with embarrassed hands, and so did my date. I could feel a certain trickle of love juice coursing down my thighs. The officer’s face was impassive. He had us retrieve our IDs (but not our clothes), made us stand there a while longer while he chatted on the radio with his pals back at the cop-house, then addressed us.

He did what seemed like 10 minutes of lecture about what he COULD do to us, in terms of things he could arrest us for (indecent exposure, lewd conduct, etc., etc.). The speech probably only took about one minute, but it seemed longer. Finally, he handed us back our IDs, told us to get dressed and leave and never do “this” again.

Whew! Embarassing as it was, I was relieved that it didn’t go any further than it did. I can imagine having to call my parents to have them bail me out for f*cking like a mink at mid-day in public at the college. Having been caught with the Well-Tanned would only have been chocolate frosting on the cake.

I only bring it up today because last night I had a dream about it. In my dream, the cop makes a note of my name and student ID number, follows me and …. Well …. You can imagine the rest.

But that incident taught me a lesson. No public sex unless you’re really sure you won’t get caught. Oh, yeah … and don’t scream so much.

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Very nice your interesting writing syle

Wow, you reminded me of days gone by when I was in the Navy and the Shore Patrol caught me and a Navy Wave having a good time cleaning our bilges, so to speak. I love Hebrew thighs btw!

Very funny-reminds me of my younger days.

HAHA, well written "smoochifying" indeed!

Glad you like my phraseology.

Your writing is some of the best I have seen on here. I tend to do more reading (and looking) than writing, but your natural sense of humor and deliciously wicked innuendo really make me ACTUALLY laugh out loud. Thank you!

Thank you! Wanna tuck?

I am sorry, was that meant to be talk?

Do I stutter?

I can't tell...
Does my urine smell like rosewater?

I am sorry if I have offended, I was trying to draw the correlation between how I would never be able to tell you stutter without hearing your voice like you would not be able to smell me without being in my presence (it does smell like rosewater by the way ;))

What does it taste like? ;)

Rattlesnake, which tastes like chicken...I will have Bear Grylls send you a descriptive essay.


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hahaha... i will take care of that

A good lesson learned!
Have you been caught at it since?

I am already thinking about being the cop in your dream...knock knock 😉

Another wonderful story! Well written, clever phrasing and yet so conversational.

"and don't scream so much". What a hilarious end to a very exciting story. Came upon similar cases during my time in the Police but it was usual a very quick "advice" and walk away. I WAS young once.

Your story is funny...

I am interested in your dream now. I am incapable of imagining what the rest of it might be.

I love reading your stories. They are so well written.

Thank you! Yours are always good for a super tingle!

wonderful, thanks for sharing :)

awesomely HOT!
thanks for sharing ;-P


...I'm quite certain, the screams echoed profoundly through the parking

I know .... I used to get too loud.

Lol! Loud isn't always bad... ;-) ...unless, of're trying to be

It's not just loud moaning and such. I used to articulate certain words which are not repeated in polite society.

...even, I worked for a campus police dept. For almost 7 Maybe we've met! (just kidding... We didn't have a parking garage...) :-P

You would have remembered me. I was the naked white chick under the black guy, yelling "yes, yes, yes, that's it! **** your white ***** with that big black ****! Harder!" Sound familiar?

Lmao! You're right, I probably would have remember you! Must have been a different! (and that DEFINITELY would raise an eyebrow or two, to bystanders)...that is certainly, quite...verbal. At least he knows for sure, he was doing something right!

yes ... he .... was

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duh duh duh

The police officer should have let you put your clothes on, but at least he didn't arrest you. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he wanted to teach you a lesson, although it sounds like he also wanted to check out your naked body.

Yes, I suspect he had dual motives .... or maybe he just thought of it as multi-tasking. I'm just glad he didn't have a video camera, like a lot of cop cars do now.

Your writing style is so breezy and confident - are you a professional writer?

No, but I took creative writing in college.

Lol that almost happened to me once XD except my ex and I were behind an old storage building. A cop pulled up to the road, parked and just stayed there. I had to turn on my car and try not to use any lights to drive through the woods up the hill and back onto the road

Good girl: thanks for sharing

You are welcome.

Great story. Campus cops are way too officious and I think this one took advantage of the situation. However, like you, I'm glad it didn't go any further. Makes for an exciting memory, I bet.

it was upsetting at the time, but fun looking back at it.

Erotic story, well told

Thank you!

Again, I thank you for your arousing story.

Then my work has been done.

I'm so thankful that I had more luck!

More luck? You mean you got away with it more times? You really should share ...

I did, very short stories tho. I'm not such a skilled writer. lol

If you feel like, scroll through my stories. ;-)

I've read several other similar experiences here, and had it done to me (though less obviously) both as a teen and an adult. Cops are perverted and go looking for this kind of thing, and milk it for everything it's worth when they finally find it.

Wonder how long he watched the two of you before he finally tapped on the window?

i just hope he didn't videotape it. sexy lil **** aren't you? My kinda gal .. Where have you been all my life ? Sexy story ...good times ... Sd

Long Beach.

So doing the interracial thing was an experimental phase like when I used to do drugs in college? Do you just stick to fellow Hebrew mates these days?

Oh, no, I haven't had a Screw Jew in a long time. Frankly, I seem to be hanging mostly with Gentiles lately, although I can usually squeeze a Brutha in from time to time. ;)

good to know your sexuality has an equal opportunity policy, not just on paper, but in practice as well!

i would have done to you just what you imagined.

and what is that?

Lovely. What if before the cop interrupted you and took your number, he'd stood behind your date, but where you could see him and watched? I love your avatar

i would have given him quite a show.

You might have watched him ******* off over you, before putting his wet **** away and cautioning you

a waste of good spermies.....

If it was me I'd have forgotten the caution and let you watch me stroke my **** until I *** over your lips...

Maybe I would guide my **** between my lips.

Mmmm cuming in your mouth while your hips buck from the ******* you are getting.

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Around midnight.. I heard a knocking at my dormitory door, my roomate was gone.. so I thought it was her being locked out after a date. I answered in just my panties, which were pushed astride a bit from some daliances.. before I went to sleep.

I just stood there.. door open.. suddenly realizing my current state of dress.. and without thinking.. also the path of my gaze.. as they were directly latched onto his growing erection.

This.. was the Campus Police Officer.. from earlier.. and before words could be spoke..
he swept me up into his arms.. and our lips and toungues.. intertwined.. saying too plainly what words could not. I fumbled for his ****.. my fingers met an already fully erect.. a little "mmmm yes!" escaped my lips, betraying my lust.. before I knew it. It was all the urging he needed.. he pinned my *** firmly against the doorpost.. and drove his **** in. It felt.. exactly as I had imagined.. my daliances, my fingers and my lust remembering now!

How I wanted this hard young cops ****.. to "make me" **** him!
And the more he sneered.. "you really do make me want to **** you like the **** you are"
and the rougher I grabbed her head.. the more and deeper I drove my **** into her..
I already knew it.. she was becoming my hot *** ****.. and she loved every minute of it!

I love it! More! Nastier! Sooooo nice!

She felt the arousal of totall submission.. and finding out- what she truly was.. what she had wanted to be all along.. his ****! (Even the though of 'that word' made creamy liquid ozze down her leg.. lubricating & clenching.. ever tighter that horny cops big night stick. She was riding him.. up and down.. licking her lips and cooing.. like a proper **** now! And the more she did.. the more she wanted.. and she wanted to "act like a ****" now.. so she reached down between her legs... inserted fingers.. lubing her *** for him.. and now begging him.. while biting her lip.. and alternate flicking her hot toungue.. she bent over exposing her ***.. propped it up in the air wiggled that seductive broad *** and inserted him.. directly into her anus! "Oh God yes!! this feels even better than I thought!! I am your total **** daddy! **** your ***** hot *** and "make me" a bad, bad.. girl!
"I want it!" and her hands slid into her *****... ******* herself so wild & nasty.. feeling his ****.. against her hand.. driving her wild! She was an *** **** too.. and loving it.. (loving him) even more!

wonderful! But maybe my teasing *** needs a spanking .... maybe a belt ... as my hair is pulled and a hand closes over my throat ....

Mmmmm... we should take this up for real.. your crazy hot! love it...

And you keep wiggling that ***.. rocking back and forth.. taunting me with it!
"Spank me Daddy! Spank your nasty *** ****..!" (the words.. like electric prongs..
make your *** convulse.. "milking" my ****)

"Smack.. smack.. smack..!!" hot stings of the belts wrath rake on your virgin cheeks.. they smart from his first strikes! But your eyes.. and your dark heart want more! more! more! You "beg him" with your sincerest look.. almost able to milk the very *** out of his ****.. it feels so horny.. so natural! He pulls your hair and rams his **** ever harder into your ***.. then out! Letting you devour and suckle his taste.. as he forces your head down onto him.. up & down.. faster! And you look up.. with that "beggin ****" look.. your hand rubbing Daddy's sack as you suck.. feeling his cream fill his hard sacks.. the feeling over takes you.. you bounce his hard **** off your outstretched toungue.. and look up at him.. so wantonly.. "beggin to be his ****".. his eyes look down.. filled with passion & lust.. they connect in that perfect moment.. as hot streams of desire.. fill your waiting mouth.

love it ... the naughtier the better .....

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Great story! I love the way you tell it. I thought for sure that the story ended with you discovering that you LOVE getting caught and starting doing it in parking ramps all the time! Thanks for sharing. Could you friend me?

LOL...a lovely story...I remember a lot of this sort of fun during college days...luckily I didn't get caught though!

Nice, hope you keep up the status you earned if you did earn one ;)

It's been a while, alas.

One of my cars is a Toyota, hint hint


Too funny.

Your word choice and descriptions is stellar

Thank you. Too bad I cant make a living writing about my unclothed mishaps.

Yes you can. Just remove your clothing more often

BTW, I am lusting after your "Hebrew thighs "

A little over the top, eh? But ... well .... there's a story behind that.

I don't think its over the top.

Tell me, I'm all ears

There's a lot to it, so I will summarize. Please understand that the language used was meant as a kind of spice, not really to be mean or hurtful. You are probably aware that, historically, there has been both cooperation and tension between Jews and blacks in this country. When I was in college I "dated" several African American gentlemen and some of them rather enjoyed using -- and having me use -- racial terms as symbols of the dropping of pretense and reserve during moments of passion. To put it another way, we called each other names while *******. We eventually arrived at the really bad words, like "Jew *****" and "big-cocked ****** bastard" and that -- wow! Really heated things up. But eventually we ran out of new ones, and the remnants started to get more funny than sexy. I called one guy my "dusky donkey" and invited him to "punish my Hebrew thighs." I think we broke up laughing at that point and went out and got some KFC.

No Yiddish?

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lol. That's funny. I did a little stint with my local law enforcement organization and caught a couple once. A quick "get out of here" was all I told them as the woman was pulling her undies up. LOL.

Did you sneak a peek?

It was pretty quick, but I sure tried. She turned so red though, it distracted me!

Well, this officer of the law got a good, long look. I was almost offended.

Almost? LMAO

Just being honest. I was at my head-turning best, and if being naked with juices running down my thighs didn't attract attention, I can't imagine what would.

I'm sure he still tells the story to his buddies! Lots of them now wear lapel cameras so that'd be one for the "keeper" pile.

Hmmmm .... maybe THAT was what he was doing. I always wondered why he made us stand there naked for so long. On the other hand, maybe he was looking at my "date." He needed both hands to cover up his jamoke.

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