Maybe Just A Bit....

I admit that i can be a tad bit naughty sometimes, but i cant help it that kicking and screaming over my parteners lap gives me a very special feeling! : )

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Very nice,but I think id prefer you on your back knees up to your chest for long slow but hard spanking

:") Maybe...

Well, I think you should get a long, hard spanking for any "accidents" or other childish/bratty behavior you might engage in...sure, you'll probably cry and scream about how sorry you are and that you won't do it again (as if, LOL), but I think the consoling and getting a diaper and paci afterwards would be worth it for you. ;-)

Perhaps the Dom(me) in your life could encourage you by promising you "big girl" panties if you act like one and stay dry, by which I mean those w/Barbie, Care Bears, etc. on them...LOL

Sounds like you want someone who'll take the whole "if you're gonna act like a baby, you'll be treated like one" approach and make you feel like a little girl who made her mommy/daddy mad, am I right? :-)

It's a little bit hard to explain, but I crave certain types of humiliation...

Yes :) Also when a dominant figure teases me or even punishes me for wetting or acting childish

That's generally how it went down w/sub girls I've known in the past...they'd end up having an "accident" in my presence, which ultimately got them scolded/spanked/diapered. :-D And yes, I also enjoy humiliating a girl in such a situation, like verbally berating her for wetting and/or taking her out in public diapered...great way to exert control, and fun to see the reaction!

I would love to send you to your room and make you wait for me. I would come in tell you to stand up, turn around, pull your pants down and bend over. I would see your panty clad rear sticking up in the air. I would approach your rump and jerk your panties down ...

Every girl needs a little spank once and a while

Guess I'd have to wrap my arm around your legs/thighs to keep you from squirming, eh? ;-) Oh, and would you cry after being spanked?

This is not a laughing matter! You should be spanked until your bottom is read and I don't care if you cry!

Mmm i know exactly what you mean, there's something incredibly sexy FEELING to have my panties around my knees or ankles hehe. Especially if they've been tugged down by somone whos about to do what they please to me.

hehehe thanks! ;P

mmhmmm ;P

*blushes*... ty :)

mmm, id love you to be lying naked over my lap. xxx

it depends on the mood i think but i do love some naughty corner time with panties around my ankles, its wonderfully humiliating

yes almost always!

from what i can see i would not mind haveing you over my lap

haha ohh yeah a very special feeling : )