I Am Weird..A Rant

I often question my sanity. I sometimes tend to over exaggerate situations, or so I am told. Case in point: I grew up in a toxic environment in which my parents were always screaming and fighting..there was a lot of emotional abuse occurring and I grew to think that was normal. Yet, my sister often affirms that the fact I am such a sensitive person makes me see the situation a lot worst than it was. With that said I don't know to what degree witnessing screaming, yelling ect. has affected me, but I presume a lot. When someone raises their voice I automatically find a way to hide...

These uncertainties make it difficult to commence relationships because I tend to take everything to heart, yet I yearn to be well liked..
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That doesn't make you crazy... So don't say you are... trust me when I say everyone who has grown up in that situation stands behind you because is assuring to know that you know how awful it feels like and are not likely to do the same to us. That why you are well like and always will be :)

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Nope you are not weird for that at all. The effects of your environment control that stuff. If you had a better environment growing up odds are you would be a totally different person. How you are reacting now is normal of what you been exposed to. You arent alone. There are a lot of us out there that are like this in some way.

I am serious.. You are not weird at all so no worries.


yeah see I am actually the weird one here. Your reaction is pretty normal.

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Well I had so many kinds of abuse that it is pretty amazing I even made it out in the shape I did, but the way I reacted to it was I thought everyone hated me. I didnt learn the difference between nice and mean. So even when people was being nice I still thought they was making fun of me and being mean.

the degree of psychological abuse that the physical abuse has on someone's spirit shouldn't be taken lightly either

yeah ally is pretty damn weird so no worries! <br />
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didnt you already know that?

(: Yeah, it is always a good thing for a person to know they're not alone in what they go through.<br />
Being weird is not such a bad thing, though. :P I'm weird, and I like it. <br />
Hehe, thanks. :]<br />
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Holy crap, roar, 18 times is 18 times too many. D:

I been stabbed over 18 times within 4 years. Trust me I know about advance degees of abuse.

Actually you'd be surprised...my Mexican parents were firm believers in intense spankings but that's a whole other story<br />
<br />
That 1.) I'm not prepared to tell<br />
And <br />
2.) Luckily, didn't by any means "scar" me

I grew up the same way just at a way more advanced level of abuse, and reacted to it differently.


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Aww thanks allyrs! It's so nice to know there is someone out there like me whom understands where I am coming from :)<br />
<br />
And yay for me being weird but not that weird lol<br />
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You're soooooo sweet!

I grew up in a similar environment, and I thought it was normal too. I often take things to the extreme, because that is how I grew up. When we got mad, we really got mad, and when we finally cried, we cried a lot. That's just how it was. I don't like physical fighting, or verbal fighting, and I hide from it. I can totally understand your "weird" but not really weird, rant. :]