Vintage Retro ...

A lot of the stuff my 18 year old daughter is interested in ... fashion, music, arts and so on ... she would describe as retro or vintage ... and the majority of them are things that I was into as a young woman!

I guess that makes me vintage retro too doesn't it??

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Yeah it does. But this is inevitable. We all experience it. what's important is how you handle the change (or changes)

So, you mean those bell bottoms and platform shoes I once wore are back in style now?

believe me ... you are more hip and groovy now than you've ever been!

My, that's a sad thought...

not necessarily ... it just means you're back in fashion!

Vintage wine is always better then the newer stuff....I think it ROCKS!! I also LOVE the idea of growing old DISGRACEFULLY!! Reading that made my day!! Can I join??? I am already practicing!! :D

Yes, you may join in ... in fact I am going to start a group for it!

Awesome!! ;)

Well my dear look at it this way, we aren`t getting old we are Classic! ;o) *mwah*

yes, I've decided to grow old disgracefully ... care to join me?? :)

Arm in arm we`ll make them all sit up and take notice. ;o)

sounds good to me ... ;)

It makes you super cool, knowledgeable and coveted, WIB!

You also get a prize for giving a great answer Rubies!!!

I'm wearing my prize right now! ^-^

Me too. They're fleecy. ;)

I think we should all wear them for a group photo!

*jumps in front* Oh jeez... does this come with a top?

you don't need a top ... you just pull them up under your arms!! LOL

*says cheeeeeeeeeese*


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Which equates to you being much cooler too. :)

You get the prize for giving the correct answer sonnet! lol

Yippee! :D

**sends you your prize**

How exciting! :)

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I just stopped by to read.

I can't think of a word to say would benefit my welfare or safety.

I love a man who knows when to keep his lips sealed! :)