I Guess It's An Attitude

So I had some time to burn at the mall waiting for an appointment at the Apple Store. I walked into Claire's, a store with inexpensive, trendy handbags, jewelry,etc., and I saw a big display of glasses. Really nice looking glasses that were very inexpensive. I like to have several pairs of reading glasses around, you know, one at the bedside table, another at the office, another in the kitchen for looking at recipes,etc.  At the price they were selling these, I thought I would get several pairs. I asked the girl behind the counter, "Where do I find the strength of these reading glasses?"

"Those aren't reading glasses." She looked a little uncomfortable. "Those are attitude glasses."

"Attitude glasses?"

"Attitude glasses."

"Oh." I shuffled on out of the store.

EvesHarvest EvesHarvest
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6 Responses Mar 3, 2010

Yep! Attitude glasses are for real!

LMAO,your kidding right,don't crack me up that hard this early in the morning!!

Oh.<br />
I'm with you, Eve, I don't have enough room for more glasses. <br />
Do teens really need more attitude? I think not.

it's obviously for the younger generation. <br />
They need to buy things to get an attitude. <br />
Not us. We have it --:)

You're welcome Thinker. It is obviously for the young. I have my reading glasses, my distance glasses, and my distance sunglasses to keep track of. I can't quite imagine adding attitude glasses to the mix!

Thanks for filling me in. I was falling behind in the "latest buzzword" race-:)