I thought.

I've been with the man I'm in love with for going on 6 yrs now and we have a beautiful 2 1/2 yr old daughter together. I can honestly say I know I'm in love because despite the first time I said it, a mere 6 mo into our relationship and at the ripe age of 16, I still feel the exact same way about him. We have been through so much and definitely had our bad times. Being together and apart for various reasons, but I'm never as happy or feel as complete as I do whenever I'm around him. Just knowing he's in my life makes the mundane everyday life worth it (as well as my daughter, of course). It hasn't been easy, but we're both growing together and our family is doing so wonderful now. If I believed in soul mates, he would be mine. I don't think I'd ever find someone I could be as comfortable around and feel as fulfilled as a person if we were to ever be apart or if anything was to happen to him. One day I hope to be saying my last words to him. Knowing I've spent my life with this person and creating a family with him will make it easy for me when my time comes. Maybe one day I'll find the words to express all my feelings.

*Edit* We've been apart and back together and it's back to apart again. I can't keep doing this over and over. Maybe I was in love. Maybe that love has faded. Maybe it's time for me to truly find myself and be happy with someone who I don't feel the need to constantly struggle trying to make everything ok. I'll get there. I'll feel the love again one day. For now I need to love myself. I'm getting there.

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Thank you. I really appreciate that. Don't have much of a social life since I became a stay home mom and have been a little landlocked. Ep has been helping more than I thought it would :)

I've been having a read of your stories, WhyForever, and I think you're a pretty special person. I'm glad things have worked out for you and wish you all happiness for the future.