Just Me And Honest

My husband cheated a few months ago and ppl constantly say oh well he chose to b with u so stop complaining and just move on i wish it was hat simple..he cnstantly compares me to the woman he was with and calls me names to bring me further down we sleep in seperate rooms. .
I just wish he knew what it felt like. I take myself out just so i can feel kind oof beautiful i am always by myself in my house alone..i nvr knew that marriage would @ could b this lonely.
browngirl85 browngirl85
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 2, 2010

So why don't you try to go out, have new friends, chat online or socialize? there is a whole world for you out there, you are a pretty woman and you'll certainly be appreciated by others, he cheated on you, cheat on him