I'm Not Perfect

I'm not perfect and that's ok. Why is it because I'm a christian I have to live a certain way according to others. Why cant I just live or is that too much to ask. Yes christians do get mad and somtimes curse, we are humans not perfect little angels. Yes I yell at my kids, I'm not a perfect mother I do get mad. I'm not trying to justify myselt just clarify I'm not perfect.
munoztorre munoztorre
1 Response Jul 25, 2010

We will never reach absolute perfection, neither are we supposed to, regardless of religion, people that pretend to be perfect are hypocrites,they are far from it, we are supposed to just realize that we are not perfect and start improving as much as we can.<br />
So live the way that makes you happy regardless of what they say , free yourself.<br />
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Good luck