I'd Like To Be Or Just Kind

Everyday I wake up and I put these lines on my hand...

" I can not change the past or the future, I can only deal with the present there is no sense in worrying about any of these things."
" There is no way for me to change how other people treat me, or their reactions there is no sense in worrying about these things, I can only change how I react to them or their treatment of me, I can decide to not allow such negative things to effect me"

Everyday I wake up and decided to make a heaven here on earth to look in my bag and when I see someone homeless and hungry I can give them some food I can give them a dollar, I can give my parking spot to a mother with there kids, I can be kinder and warm and support my friends, I want to be the best version I can be here and now.

but I fail a lot sometimes I think oh I can't I don't have time I need time for me what is it that I want and I am selfish, sometimes I let stupid people bug me and hurt me deeply and I sit there and I stew on in, i so let it affect me that I can't even deal with anything. I wake up the next morning and i try to be better.

Today I will not let the actions of others impact me..... I will rise above it and show love and compassion... i can choose to make a heaven here on earth
Starbuck82 Starbuck82
31-35, F
Jul 28, 2011