I am not someone who is beautiful, who is smart, who is sucessful, who believes in herself, or someone who even has something going for herself right now, but I am someone who Loves very much, but the thing is, I am falling for all the wrong guys in the wrong places, or the right guy, at the wrong time. I truly hate it. I just want Love. I want to be Loved, and respected, and cherished. I want someone to Love me for who I am, and what I do, and what I believe in, someone who will just accept me as me, and not try and change me. I want that so damn bad.

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2 Responses Jul 14, 2010

You are worthy of love and respect by men. The right guy is there you just have to be wait and be happy with who you are. When you least expect it he will find you. Dont settle for the losers because you are worth more than they will ever give you back.

we all have been there and some more than a few times, dont give up regardless of the price, it will find You; kneeling i kiss Your hand