Damn Right!

Ugh, i hate going out in public. It's an excuse for all the attractive people to get done up and try to do outdo each other with hair, make up and clothes. I don't even bother anymore. Trackies, t-shirt and a bit of eye liner are enough. Why try when you haven't got it?

I'm the first to post a story for this group. Nobody wants to admit to being ugly. I don't care if it's seen as a social stigma, my whole damn life is a social stigma.

I'm ugly, and i'll f***ing shout it from the roof tops. I'm not going to hide in the shadows about this, and i want to express how i feel. I just wish more people would be more open about their uglyness, laziness, dirtyness... just totally embrace their total natural self- unless i'm the only person out there like this? I wish their were more girls like me, but no girl wants to be like this. Maybe then i'd have more friends... -sigh- it would be a nice world to live in. Despite my flaws i don't want to change. I'm a unique individual for who i am, and i don't want to try and fit in with something i'm not.
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I know I'm not handsome but who cares. I am ugly, stupid, hairy, ( i chose not to shave) and i stink. if you have a problem with that you don't have to look at me, sit by me, look at me, or even be in the same room as me. Also why should I go and buy all the cloths and junk every one else thinks is good when i think they look stupid, i'm a jean and tees guy.

Damn right! Nice to see someone else totally embrace it :p

YEP, you are right.
I feel that I'm ugly too and for me the most embarrassing it is to heard from others that is not true.