I've never had that friend that comes to my house ASAP when I need someone to talk to. I've never had that friend who would lay in my bed with me until I'm all cried out.
The closest thing I have is my pillow. I love my pillow :') I would cry if I lost my pillow :'(
P.s. Downfall to having a nose piercing, whenever I accidentally hit my nose, I get a nose bleed D':
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4 Responses Aug 20, 2014

You have a nose piercing?

I didn't notice that lol

I would help you, but one, I doubt I live near you :( and two, I don't think you want a guy to lay in bed with you as you cry out :/

And if you feel lonely you can always message me too I'm a great listener.

I get your feeling... I was never really the social type but then I met her😍. Her name was Whitney and I just moved to North Carolina from the UK and she was amazing. We did everything together and then she was cutting one night and i ran to her house to stop her and I walked in her room and she was dead... She cut too deep. I was broken for months... If you wanna talk I would love to help you in anyways possible. I would much rather have u take out your feelings if aggression and madness and sadness torwards me then to yourself... If u want, message me anytime πŸ˜„

Ohh my I'm sorry you had to go through all that pain but, she is in a better place now and free of pain.