Sometimes in my dreams i am visiting another galaxy or planet or dimension of living.
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I have had similar experiences . One that is the most dominant is somewhat reminiscent of a futuristic urban centre . It is always so familiar . There are other times I experience something that I still haven't fully come to terms with . Others have explained it as out of body experiences ... And spiritual attacks .

in all these years, it has been wonderful. they get to explain some other worlds, with diverse concept and values of living. sometimes i get to bring abstract problems and i get an explanation in terms of thoughts. i had to learn to keep these experiences to myself. If I could write a book, it will great. but it seems they want me learn for myself. Sometimes I am so deep in this world, that i think that is real and not this physical. I have to make a huge effort to disangage. there are so many experiences that I decided to accept this is part of my life. lol

Can i go too

What a cool dreams!