The next dog I get, I'm naming him Frodo. Yes Frodo, as in Frodo Baggins, because he is amazing and he got through A LOT! And my dog should walk in his foot steps, so he too can be as awesome as Frodo Baggins, maybe even more awesome.
But I would never name him Bilbo Baggins because, he would get made fun of, and I wouldn't want to put my precious Dog through that. If you read all of this, you can probably tell that I talk a lot, and I am a loser/nerd. (Btw I have nothing against Bilbo, it's just my family always says bimbo Baggins, and it's not very polite of them) so yeah...
Much love to all of you!
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Or you should get 2 and name the Merin and Pippin, they are really funny, Frodo will do as well tho

Haha, would he get a twisted personality as well?

Your not a loser (:

Why would you be a loser?

You got 2 friends now :), I'm socially awkward as well and really shy, and you are not ugly

So you're not a loser, losers are people who give up too eas, and I'm sure you won't, just like Frodo didn't give up :D

I ve seen girls way more ugly than you are, and it's not all about the looks anyway, it's the inside which counts

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yes you are very wierd. A girl with no nudes

ok fine whatever