I just thought about something, I realized that I don't care if I'm a virgin at 19 years old, and I won't care if I ever don't get laid! I also don't care about getting a girlfriend right now, and I won't care if I never get one, I probably won't though. Mostly because I act too awkward and weird around girls that I'm interested into, and because I don't have the will power to go up to one and ask them out or even talk to one! My mindset on having a wife and kids is gone, I just really don't want kids or a wife, due to more personal feelings, I'd write them out but no one really reads my stories! Anyways when I'm older I mostly want to live on a bunch of land, and have a bunch of guns and military vehicles and hopefully a tank most likely a Russian T-55 due to they are the cheapest, oh but I also want some animals and a few dogs! And basically live my life like that, at least that's what I hope Thats how I hope I will be able to live! But yeah I know what Your thinking that's a little Strange/Weird, but hey that's how I am and I like that about me!
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Having someone to share everyday with is nice almost untranslatable.

Try being 21 and thinking that way. The exact same way you put it :(

Huh I'll do that in two years!

I try not to think about it when i do it stresses me out. When i don't i do just find :o

Oh I see

Question are you in the military



What o.O?

I wish I could join

Why can't you

Because of medical reasons

Dam man i how you feel wanted to be apart of something you can't. Is it personal?

No it's not personal, I can tell you... I'm on prescription medication I have ADHD and severe depression and other disabilities that I can't think of right now.

I'll talk to my doctor about it

Yeah your probably right

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