Yes I Belive In Magical Door

I have been have imagimation lately and I feel that is magic in my part.
When I have rough time and can not deal with things.

I have things that the Walking Stick I have He has a name and then he has a mine .
And Cars and other things are really .
And I know that is come more and more in my life.
And I feel that is magic for me to come life in my life.
That is how I get out of the world when I am have a hard time.
And go in to that magical door and then it helps me lot.
Then I feel that I can feel that they are with me .
And I have friendly Ghost that helps me fine things.
That is me.
And it helps me that I am not all alone .
Then I guess I am in Magical Door and then a another world when I need to get way from
this world .
And other Charters when I need to write about .
So I feel like I fit in this one
ladywolf123 ladywolf123
51-55, F
May 22, 2012