In this year a yell rose from the Sorbonne in Paris. 

'L'Imagination au pouvoir!', Power to the Imagination!

Little known was a slogan on the walls of that same university in the same days saying: 'L'Imagination est au Pouvoir', 'Imagination has the Power'.  Has???

The famous yell of May '68 may be read as a report of a status quo in Paris those days, but it's also tempting to look at it as an absolute statement and a sociological reality. 


No period in recent history was as inspired as the golden sixties. 

Many a problem that silently grew into today's big monsters was announced and explored then for the first time. 

It was a revolutionary period and it was universal. 

Those actively participating were young and a minority, yet growing into a considerable one. 

It is the fate of every avant-garde not to be understood by society until a long time after.

Imagination is the main tool of every avant-garde. 

It is a precondition for creation.  Therefore it's magical indeed.

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thanks, Emanon...

Ah yes indeed...imagination is what makes us human being..;-) imagination I think is also the best tool against close mindedness, which is the worst thing there can ever be in my opinion....