It Was A Good Song Now Wasn't It :-)

I think Experience Project wants us to explain our groups and stories with full honesty.

It started as a, let me share my Harmonic Convergence stories.
Then I learned about the groups.
Then it became about self discovery.
But after creating enough groups yourself.
You find that you more and more stray away from the average.
More and more you go into the paranormal.
The oblivious.
The done.

I mean, its so sincere,
Then you do one or more holy things that maybe you shouldn't
Like say that you are God
Or many Gods
Or every God
And version of those Gods
Plus beings on the good
And bad side

Then you claim to be Christ
Then, you guessed it.

So then you become confused.
And clarified.

That you in fact are the Source
And no being is not the Source
And the Source is every being!

So if you are wrong claiming to be
Beyond yourself
Be well calm
It's true

You're a wise one
But why so open?
So shocking.


lol just because we are desperate to be found 50 times.
By the same groups.

And then we become scared
Of judgement
And accusations

So then we meet at Half

I am Half all my groups
And Half all my stories

Half all of my confessions
I am Half

And then your like "woloy"
People won't get the 50 50
So you do the Elks sign of protection

And see that sign looks like sing
Well you typed sing
As you just finished the sign of protection.

I sing
PureGoodSoul PureGoodSoul
26-30, M
Sep 10, 2012