The Lady Seated Beside Me At The Matinee Today Is From There

What the heck are the odds? Here I was planning a trip at the end of this month to a place on the east coast.  People who live there have rather distinctive accents.  And I'm pretty good at picking up on such stuff.  So when I turned to the lady beside me at the theatre today as the lights came up for interval, and she responded to my question about whether she was enjoying the play, I recognized that she was likely from that place.

I asked her.  And sure enough, she confirmed that she was from there.  Well, not exactly there.  But close enough.  Scituate.  On the ocean, 14.8 miles south of the place I'd planned to go. 

Weird, huh?

We live 3,152 miles apart.  Yet here we were talking about the beauty of her area and mine.  She'd flown for five hours to get to the town where we met; I'd driven for five hours.  Thanks to interstate highways and automobiles and airports and jets, we had a chance to exchange pleasantries.

I mentioned I'd planned to make a trip there.  "Oh, you'll love it!" she exclaimed. 

"I'm sure I would," I said.  "But I'm not going after all."

She looked at me, shrewdly noting the regret in my eyes.  "Perhaps you will, some day."

"I would like that a lot," I said.  "It's all a matter of timing."

I think sometimes that some people pick up on what's going on with me without my saying a word.  It's odd, that. Like they're mind readers.  They'd have to be, because I often keep things locked inside.  I am not prone to revealing all except to those who touch my heart.  But I receive feedback from some even if they don't know the specifics of what's happening.  I'm an emotional creature, and if I'm happy or sad, I don't have to explain everything in order to share joy and laughter or be comforted. 

Her reply, "Perhaps you will, some day," was a comfort to me.

I smiled and excused myself to go to the lobby with my son and husband.  My boy asked me about the woman next to me.  "What were you talking about?"

"She lives near a place I'm planning to visit some time," I said.

"Small world," said my husband.

"Yep," I said.
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I miss N.E.
you will very probably enjoy your trip. Fall is my favorite time there.