How many times have you travelled to be with someone only to find later they were a completely different person? How many times have you helped someone with your money and not seen it come back to you? How many times did it hurt but you didn't say no because you didn't want things to get more violent or you didn't want to seem "unaccomodating". How many times have you given up a child because a man told you to? How many times were you were told you'd be taken care of and everything would be ok and you weren't and it wasn't? Have you ever sworn it was love but found out it wasn't for them...only a good time. Have you heard "never again" to those drugs or that alcohol but they go back to their first love.

These are just some of things I and and women I've known can claim.

Dolores Claiborne: If you say you're sorry one more time, I'll K I C K your butt up so high you'll look like a hunchback. 

Dolores Claiborne: [to Joe] That is the last time you ever hit me! Next time, one of us is going to the bone yard. 

Vera Donovan: Sometimes you have to be a high-riding ***** to survive. Sometimes being a ***** is all a woman has to hold onto. 

Vera Donovan: It's a depressingly masculine world, Dolores.

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"Sometimes you have to be a high riding ***** to survive. Sometimes being a ***** is all a woman has to hold on to."
I love this statement and I do believe its true.

Yes it is hard being a man too..I wont be sexist here :)

I agree.