Jealousy And Low Selfesteem.

I hate how jealous I can be. It ruins things. Relationships are the easiest thing to be jealous in. I have a great boyfriend, but jealousy is very overpowering, I'm not going to lie I've had a few relationships but jealousy always comes into it. I get jealous over hugs with other girls and other things. I don't know why. I have a low self esteem to which I guess doesn't really help, I can't remember the time I last felt 'pretty' or 'slim' which my boyfriend tells me I am. I get called beautiful by my boyfriend, friends and my family say I'm pretty too. I guess it's nice hearing compliments every once in a while, and being called beautiful everyday by my lovely boyfriend. I hate being jealous, it ruins things.
mediakilledbeauty98 mediakilledbeauty98
Nov 27, 2012