A Wise And Caring Lady.

I'm fifty one years old, but this young lady has taught me more than she'll ever know. What comes to mind is one time when she told me that refraining from saying something out of fear of hurting someones feelings, when it's something that you really need to say for the sake of your own comfort, is a kind of deception. One would have to know the circumstances of the conversation to fully understand. She has also taught me that, in most cases,  ideologies should never stand in the way of friendship. Every time I talk to her, she humbly imparts wisdom in her words. She is also a very fun person with a good sense of humor and a huge heart. I'm very thankful that she is my friend.
puck61 puck61
51-55, M
2 Responses Feb 2, 2013

She is amazing yea :)

We all need more friends like that.

Indeed. She will be some young man's desert rose someday!