Larry The Saint ...larry The Good ...who Doesn't Love You

OMG another group I did not see ... am I blind !!!

Ahhh what can I say about Larry 

Larry is such a sweet , thing 

Never a bad word or gesture ... from this king among men 

He is intelligent , witty a paragon of virtue and gentleman like behavior

In fact if I could build a shrine to honor this saint of a man....


Wait Larry Bubkiss !!! Is this the same Larry that ran over those nuns , and mooned the old folks home!!

That fruit loop owes me 20 bucks !!! I'm coming for you Larry ...and I'm taking out your kneecaps if you don't fork over my dough! =-P

LOL ... ohh Larry you know I kid ... but seriously ...where is my 20 !!     *Kitti takes out bright pink bat *

softkitti softkitti
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Angel with a crooked halo bout sums it up! Softkitti...yay!


I m sorry Lar darling ... its the principle of the thing get your tuckuss to Star where it belongs and take it like a man darling ....*throws sparkly confetti at Larry *

awww ...we love you too AK come darling sit with me and lets watch Dom Star spank her Larrkins * hands ak chocolate martini and pats seat next to her *

I LOVE you guys!

Yay! *does a twirl, high fives Kitti, and shimmies over to Bub* <br />
<br />
*¡spank spank!*

whooo hooo Go Star Go! *sits down grabs ap<x>pletini .. watches spank the Larry show *

LOL Kitti!!!! *pulls out a sparkly red paddle* <br />
<br />
Looks like it's spankin' time mi amor......<br />
<br />
*winks at Kitti and slowly walks toward Bub*

LOL ..... ahh well Im good friends with your sweetie pie I am just threatening kneecaps ...I have a feeling she wants the rest of you in working order no?..... ahhh those poor nuns are in deep pyscho analysis because of you is screaming they saw the face of god ...whatever that means =-)