*flying Hugs*


You are a sunrise out of the distant grey

With light to melt a heart, frozen in fear

and reveal the beauty of each new day



As I'm lifted to your skies, warm and free

each gentle whisper tenderly kisses my ear

and stills my soul with a soft morning breeze


It means more than I could ever even say

that when the pitch black breath of night is near

you are a sunrise out of the distant grey.



Thanks for being you

StarliteRose StarliteRose
26-30, F
12 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Will you just freaking say hi........lol. wake up!!!!!!!!!

hee hee! thanks guys....enjoy....<br />
<br />

*happy dances and wiggles around in a big heap of Bub*<br />
<br />
....nothing better ♥♥♥<br />
<br />
Aka has the most distracting Avatar *giggles* Nothing like a full moon to set the mood ;-P


*sneaks into your igloo* ♥

*♥~*¡MUAH!*~♥*<br />
<br />
Well you make me feel toasty and warm, so I guess were even *blushes* :)

*dj kitti scratches up the turntable * tick tock dont stop ... dj blow my speakers up ....<br />
<br />
yayayay go star go.... *pulls cord.....skittles and sweettarts fall from the ceiling *

Wooohooooo! it's DJ Kitti on the turntables, scratchin' that vinyl with her Kitti claws! *throws hands in the air..... and subsequently...... waves 'em like I just don't care*<br />
<br />
Bub can drop it like no other *turns on disco ball and strobe lights* Kitti's right, there's enough drama outside of EP, we need some time to cut loose and shake what our mamas gave us!

*giggles* yayayya there isnt much dancing here anymore ...just drama ...ok lets do it <br />
<br />
wake up in the morning feeling like P diddy , Grab my glasses , out the door Im gonna hit this city<br />
* wiggles booty and sips martini and crunks* ...oh my god I just read Larry comment LMAO ...go larry go ..go larry go....drop boyyyyyy...*giggles* =-D...Star you have a lean mean dancing machine there..

Yay Kitti!!!!! Yes let's dance! I'm thinking a Bubkiss sandwich is in order! *spanks Bub, twirls Kitti and rocks out*

this is so beautiful ..your are the best Star ....Larry is very lucky to have such a woman ...umm can I dance please .......*looks at STar and hands here a JD hard fruit punch * .....=-D

Hehehehe *runs and tackles red bubkiss* Hooray! You like it!!!!!!!!!! =D<br />
<br />
You ROCK sweetie!