Embracing The Unexpected

Life has a way to remind us how we are only the masters of our own lives within the limits of a grander scheme that we can't fully understand.
It throws at us all kind of tsunamis that shake up everything we take for granted.
I have been experiencing such a tsunami lately...an emotional one,a very strong one, and a very positive one.
It has forced me to reconsider where I am directing my life.
Although it has shaken many of my truths to the ground,but some remain standing strong.
The first one is being positive.
I am like anyone else, I have had my up and downs in life.
I have had joys and pains, moments of exhaltation and moments of despair.
But deep inside me I had this feeling, that life is only being good to me if I am being positive and opened.
I feel life give us leaves for us presents, little rewards that make the going easier...but to get those presents it is necessary to remain positive, open mind, open heart...Unless we do that we miss on great things.
The second one is being imaginative.
When my truth and beliefs are taken down, I could just despair at the rubbles left...but I don't want that, I want to imagine a new future, to turn the rubbles in new foundations, to aim for the sky.
The third one is being honest,
Honest to the ones I love, but also and mostly honest to myself, to accept what has happen, to accept my feelings and to allow them to be spoken, shared and turned into something great.
Where my certainties stood is an open horizon...I am looking forward to what is ahead and I embrace the unexpected.

MrSquishy MrSquishy
41-45, M
2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

What a great way of looking at life and being open to things. I wish I could be more like that at time but I'm working on it. You are right in that it seems thas the good things in life come to you when you are being open and positive. I really like what you wrote. I think I should read it every day!!

Thank you. I am glad you find this positive. I don't always live up to my own writings but I do try. It is a daily effort.

I've just learned to expect the unexpected. You roll with the punches...they hurt a bit but it shows you're alive.

True...to feel anything at all sometimes you've gotta take a hit here and there but you're still here.

It is no necessarly painful. Sometimes all it takes is courage or madness to take the jump