Looking For My Way Out Of Darkness.

A lost and charming rose in the darkness.
Looking for a purpose , looking for light.
Looking for smeone to pull it out of the dark.
That rose is me.
Yes i have been in the light.
But i have been ripped of my petals.
And my color.
Always someone comes and loves me.
But att the sweet moments, my petals fall.

I have learned that in life,
Life is not all beauty and love and promises.
Its full of guilt, darkness, and loneliness.
I once had the love of my life.
He held me so close and made me feel like a shining rose.
But at my weak moments, again i became broken.
Life is not all good people.
You need to be strong to survive in the light.
But for now, i stand in everlasting darkess.
I stand alone.
I willl become one with darknesss.
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Jan 22, 2013