I Love Her!!!

about a year and a half ago, she came into my life!!! she was like a breath of fresh air!!  she is the first person ever to understand me as a person, and i instantly fell in love with her!!! i knew then, just how beautiful she is!! mind you, it took about 6 months or so to get her to send me a pic of her, so i could see what she looks like, and thats when i discovered that she is beautiful on the outside too, in fact, she took my breath away!!! (she still does)!! but thats not the point, i love her, cos she is my  ep twin, my love,my best ep friend and a great big bundle of cuteness!!!


now *shine*, you must be getting fed up with me telling you so often about how beautiful you are, and how much you mean to me, but its your own fault, for being so amazing!!! lol (please dont get out the whip)

i love you *shine* xxx

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9 Responses Mar 5, 2010

thats the best thing to do lol!!!

belive me, just as you get fed up with warm sunny weather all the time, you would soon get fed up with the rain!!! lol!! the rain is a bit of a novelty to begin with, but really gets on your nerves after a while!!! lol

yes, but could you deal with a climate that has about 70% rain?

yes, you should come see sunny scotland (joking) some time, i recomend it for a holiday, but not as a place to stay, the weather isnt up to much!!! lol

yes, last october i think would have been our 1 year anniversary!!! lol

yes it is sad!!! but at least we are still here chatting away to one another now!! right?

oh right, i understand now!!! sorry *shine*!! my mistake!!! lol

well, i was talking about private email, and not mail on ep lol!!!! : )

i saw you almost right away??? i did? oh well, sorry everyone, but apparently it didnt take 6 months to see what she looked like, and she showed me straight away!!! i still have all your photo's, and i havent even deleted any of your emails to me either lol!!! they are among my prized possessions lol!!!!!! <br />
<br />
love you!!!<br />
<br />
*cowie* xxx