Love Hurts?

NO,no,no,no,NO! Love does not hurt.But the lack of it does.When we are in a relationship all mushy and "sweetie pie" this and "honey" that,we feel good.When that relationship is disconnected,we hurt.There is a balance in nature that if a connection is broken,whatever/whoever is concerned,feels pain.

Pain,despair,suffering.Without any of that,we wouldn't know happiness nor would we know what we have.If my mom was in good health all her life,I would be a spoiled,ungrateful,stuck up little rich girl living on the other side of town crying over some guy who doesn't know how to treat a woman anyway.Just a "poor little rich girl".But her trials have made me realize just how important things are to me.I don't take anything I have for granted.From my thankless job to my friends and family and everything in between.

If we didn't love our spouses,we wouldn't go to work each day and bust our a$$es putting food on the table.If we didn't love our children we would've left them to the dogs,rather than nurture them.If we didn't love our friends/family,we wouldn't have anything to hold onto during the good and bad times.

So my dear readers,don't you see the necessity of pain and love?Pain is not love,pain lets us acknowledge love.
God knows if it weren't for all the crappy guys I've dated,I wouldn't know what good man was! ;)
ChihiroChan ChihiroChan
Mar 5, 2010