When it comes to love,i believe humans did not evolve to live together more than the time needed for the offsprings to be raised.Thats why long-term relationships take a lot of effort and most of them turn up bad.Love works like an addiction.You get little euphoria with the cost of infernal pain afterwards.When in love,people are so fearfull and vulnerable.They sometimes place theoretical obstacles in their way to feed the fear of loosing the loved one.
I wonder if being in love it's worth the drama?In my opinion it is not.But love is inevitable.I think you could gain as much pleasure from other activities and less risk.Some people know how to get close to others and make things feel good.But we usually just fall in love without choosing it.
There's a saying the person i loved once told me : "we are beaten down by our own brain chemistry".
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Hey, thanks for pointing out this way of thinking. It makes so much more sense when it's put like that. It even encompasses all humans -- "This person is someone I want/encountered to raise or create something with between the two of us because we're interested in each other."
Even though interest fades and in the end there's only pain, at least that fades too once you get into another way of life and routine.

Love comes due to a cocktail of chemicals our brain produces to get us close to one another for a period of time so that our babies grow with both parents.Since a baby human it's born incapable of doing anything(mostly blind and cannot even sustain his own head) he needs constant care from 2 people for 14-15 years at least( when he becomes eligible for reproduction himself).
Adrenalin and dopamine in high amounts when in love give us the same euphoria we percieve while drugged on coccaine(trigers the reward sistem). Love needs to be understood by what it is: an emotion ment to make us reproduce.
Of course,if handled carefully you can make something great out of it,a relationship that lasts a lifetime. But statistics shows that it's a battle that drains all your powers.To make smth work longer than it was ment to.

Many go in it with the wrong mindset, they think that their partner is their happy key to life. To live with one another is to push buttons. We get our buttons pushed. Then it is up to us to grow - that is how we react.
If we come from - to make wrong - to dominate
Then the relationship will be a battle field.
The path of life - is to be happy from within regardless of the outside world. That is our happy set point, won't be changed by the actions of others. So love will change, it is up to us if we change with it or not.
We each are our own happy KEY, others add to the sharing and joy to be alive.
Quote for you:
Instead of seeing the rug being pulled from under us, we can learn to dance on a shifting carpet. Thomas Crum

In my opinion human are obsessed with loneliness.We search our whole life for someone like us,to completely understand us so we want to find in others that kind of companion.Love pain comes when we realize we are alone and the person we love is a different human and we cannot have a symbiotic relationship.
I think we should ignore all we know about love from movies and books.
Now tell me,if love works like an addiction you cant control,should we stay away from it?